Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I don't sew more

It couldn't be said better than this article (from Threads Magazine Issue 33, February/March 1991).

So. This is why I am going to the sewing dungeon today and I am going to make panties. If they turn out like caca no one will every know, and if they turn out well, I will post pictures here. Oh hell I probably will post pictures anyway. Then everyone can laugh at me.

It`s okay I am used to it.

If anyone (Threads Magazine or Maggie Meier) objects to this being posted, please let me know and it will be removed immediately.  You can reach me at ellecsews (at) gmail dot com.


  1. HA! That's awesome. I completely understand. I also shop for fabric faster than I sew.

  2. Wow. That... pretty much sums it up doesn't it? Actually, I usually find myself going into fabric shops after skating practice when I am gross, sweaty, and wearing ratty old cover-ups. And yet under my ratty old t-shirts I am wearing skating dresses of velvets and metallics and designs I made all myself. But still the world only sees this slob running around with a stack of sale patterns and a bolt of charmeuse. Ah, well. At least it isn't just me.