Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the underwear that wouldn't be

I posted recently about sewing underwear and I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Apparently that angered the sewing gods/goddesses/whatever.

notice how the 3 openings are all about the same size?

The coverstitch machine was in a foul mood, apparently.You can't see the chewed holes but they are there.

I had 2 more pairs cut out, and I went to the sewing dungeon to quickly sew them up, after all I had already made 7 pairs, right. Wrong. Really wrong. First of all I have to admit I haven't sewn a lot of knits. I realize now  I got lucky with the first bunch, the fabric was fairly forgiving. The last 2 not so much not at all. I believe the fabric was manufactured by beelzebub. The fabric curled if you looked at it, so stretching while sewing on the elastic was frustrating to say the least. I believe I may have made some new curse words and I had a pretty good swearing vocabulary already. The next thing that happened was I sewed the crotch seam to the side seam, and of course I didn't notice until much later, when I couldn't figure out which opening was for the waist, my thighs aren't small, but really. I should have noticed way sooner, the crotch lining wasn't nearly wide enough for my impromptu adaptation, I was stupid and overconfident. One pair down. The next pair was going along until the coverstitch machine jammed up several times and then decided to have a little snack and chewed holes in the fabric by beelzebub . At this point I gave up and I will sacrifice the remaining fabric to the god/goddess/whatever of sewing. 

Moral of the story, no matter how easy the pattern and how many times you have made it, pay attention and don't get cocky. I may have to needlepoint this on a cushion.


  1. I will buy that needlepoint pillow. Sorry this happened to you.

  2. Oh, no! This sounds like my first (and thus far only, and abortive) attempt at making underwear. Maybe one of these days I'll get back to it. I love the fabric manufactured by beelzebub---I think I've used that from time to time.

  3. My last machine thought that all knits were chew toys, you are braver than I!