Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I faced the demons

I was quite pis annoyed with myself for the undies I messed up and gave up on last week. I have found that I don't like store bought undies anymore. So that means either I have to do laundry more often (yeah right, that'll happen) or get over whatever the issue is/was and make more. So I made more.

I found a couple of remnants in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free bins at Fabricland that were suitable, one is a nice cotton with lycra and the other seems to be produced by Beelzebub Manufacturing, but this time I was ready for it. I did one thing different with the pattern this time, I taped the front and back pieces together so the front and back were one piece. I like it, it wouldn't work of course if you trying to squeeze them out of smaller pieces of fabric. The pattern instructions call for one of the crotch seams to be enclosed and the other to simply be serged. I did it that way on the first batch I made and it hasn't bothered me, but I found instructions in my Kwik Sew Lingerie book for enclosing both seams. It takes a bit the first time to get your mind around it, but it really is easy and it looks more finished.  If anyone wants a copy of the directions, let me know and I can scan it and put it online.

So without further ado, here they are! Love them. Success feels good.

Edited January 31, 2012

I just realized that I have ten posts on this blog and four of them are about panties. I really am NOT
completely obsessed with underwear. Really. Really. I mean it.


  1. LMAO! Glad you conquered your demons (even Beelzebub Fabric 2.0). I'm also chortling that you've become addicted to self-made undies so quickly... ;)

  2. These are pretty. I have got to get around to trying my hand at making undies.

  3. Nicely done, Take That!! Beelzebub Manufacturing, once again the lighter side prevails!! I make panties as well, they are so much better than store bought once you get a pattern you like.

  4. You're inspiring me. I have that pattern, I have fabric.....one of these days I'll have perfectly fitting, made by me undies. One of these days, yup.....

  5. Well done, your success with lingerie is very inspirational! They are lovely, and I"m really tempted to have a go myself too!

  6. Oh do be careful everyone, your blog could become a never ending series of posts about panties too. 8-)

  7. Ahaha, I haven't tried making panties yet because I'm intimidated by the elastic! Taping the pattern pieces together sounds like something I would do to avoid yet another seam. I do have a Kwik Sew pattern that I plan to try, as soon as I get over my fear of applied elastic. I'm mostly concerned with not having enough butt OOMPH (getting to that age -- I need a bra for my behind).

    1. To be honest I was afraid of it too, but it is so easy. I didn't use my serger (that really scares me), I just zigzagged the elastic to the fabric. Divide each into quarters, pin at the marks, stretch and sew. I have some junk in the trunk as well, the Kwik Sew pattern fits like a dream. Give it a try.