Monday, January 30, 2012

Vogue 1247-the wearable muslin

Alas, I failed with Vogue 1247. Cue violins. 

The above I wrote a day or two ago, before I had finished the 1247 top, and I was convinced I never would. I sat myself down and gave myself a stern talking to, and then went to the sewing dungeon and finished it. It is not perfect, but it isn't completely horrible either. It is wearable and I will wear it. I made it from a busy print so that imprecise seaming would disappear, and it does.  I didn't put the sleeve facings on, I don't like the look on me, I just made a narrow hem.

the hem really isn't as ripply as it looks. honest.

I learned a few things this sewaround. I need something better than what I have been using to trace off patterns, I have been using a roll of plastic tablecloth stuff, it is okay, but it does tend to shift, a lot. I learned that while I hate sewing and wearing polyester, I adore the fact that it needs no special care, it goes from washing machine to hanger to body. Gotta love that. I learned that in years that I haven't sewn much, my skills have gotten a little a lot rusty. So this means easy fabric+easy pattern for a little while. All I have sewn in the last few years are my husbands scrubs for work and I can make them blindfolded while sleeping.


  1. I'm so glad you made it through---I'm pretty sure a little bit of time in the magic wardrobe will take care of any lingering doubts. Some of my favourite pieces are the worst constructed (sadly).

    I suspect that your skills will unrust rather quickly... although personally I avoid tricky fabric like the plague. Give me a nice sturdy denim any day ;).

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence! The thing I am enjoying about having this blog, is that I feel like sewing so much more. And of course that is the only way to get better.