Friday, September 7, 2012

captcha rant

For those of you who read Jilly Be's blog, this post will look familiar. It is an exact repost from her blog. Reposted with her permission, of course. This is part of a campaign to get rid of word verification. Thanks Jilly!

Warning:  uncharacteristic bitchy rant follows:  (sometimes a girl's gotta say what a girl's gotta say....)

If you're still using the  impossible-to-read-and-copy captcha images on your comments, I respectfully BEG you to consider the alternatives.  Even moderating all of your comments, if you're that concerned with spam, is (somewhat) more tolerable (to me, anyway) than forcing these old eyes to focus THAT closely, still knowing that I can only guess at some of the illegible letters....
Oh I dunno....15 easyscratches?

How about sucksur number?  No?
sisters 17?

I exaggerate only a tiny bit - I hope you get my point...

Some people are simply refusing to bother with comments on your captcha'd blogs...I quit after two failed attempts, and I'm beginning to wonder if even trying it once is worth it.

If you are on blogger, here is a previous post I did with detailed instructions on how to get rid of the dreaded Word Verification.   You may even have it set, and not know it - you might want to double check and make sure.... (just because YOU can comment w/o a captcha on your own blog does not mean that others're already cleared to comment on your blog, so you won't need to jump through the hoops like the rest of us)

I'll just toss another little mini-rant in here.  I get that you like your privacy, and you dislike spam.  I really do.  But when I enter a captcha code and then I find out that you are moderating my comment on top of it, it makes me feel...wellllll..... I won't go through all the silly Freudian flashes that zip through my feeble brain....let's just say I don't feel like my comment is very much wanted or welcomed, so I often pass at that point.

I find that blogger catches nearly every spam post I get - I still have to delete it from both my email and from the blogger comment spam list, but it takes a couple of seconds to do that.  Just not an issue.  Also, maybe I've just been really, really lucky in that I've never had a published comment that upset me (lordy, I hope I'm not opening myself up with that comment lol!), but I've certainly experienced my share of upsetting experiences in 3D life.  My tendency is to treat them like what they are - a FOG (F*ing Opportunity for Growth) and I move through it as gracefully as I can (which is often the clumsiest vision of non-grace ever, but hey....that's life.)

It's OK with me if you don't respect my attitude, but I know I'm not alone.  I think that most of us blog both for our own, personal reasons, AND we're putting our words out for public readership.   It just seems right to me to have some thoughtful consideration for our readers.

...Putting a smile back on my face, and going back to my regularly scheduling blogging.....  :)

P.S.  - per a request, you have my permission to re-post all or part of this post on your blog :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

animal house

My life is a little crazy right now. I'll explain why. We have four dogs of our own, it goes without saying we love all of them dearly. Actually we love all dogs. Which we are known for far and wide. As you will see.
From left to right, starting at the top.  Barney, Max, Jasper, Ricky. All permanent residents.
Karma and Fu oops I mean Tucker. Jasper and Tucker are littermates and Ricky is their father.
I may or may not have mentioned I work in an assisted living facility, where the residents have varying degrees of independence. One of the residents (we will call her D) had a daughter who passed away, the daughter has/had four children and a dog. The children would be fine, the two younger ones were going to live with another relative, the two older ones would be living on their own, but the dog had no place to go and the younger kids were having a melt down over the dog, so Grandma took Karma (the dog). Well, Grandma is in an assisted living facility for a good reason, she was ill equipped to deal with a young active dog. So after D explained that the older kids were planning on renting a place that would allow dogs and she was only going to have Karma for a short while, I offered to take Karma. I assumed it would only be for a short time. It has now been three months and it looks like she is here to stay. Not a problem, we have all fallen in love with her, with the exception of Ricky. We don't know why, but Ricky hates her. That brings us to five dogs.

Then we took a litter mate of our baby Jasper for a few days, his name is Tucker. He is an only dog and therefore a little spoiled and I am sure if you put your mind to it, you can imagine what we have called him several times during his stay here. Rhymes with. That makes six dogs.

A friend just called and needed a favour. I couldn't say no. An emergency came up and she needed a place for her cat to stay for a few days. Her cat is blind.

Six dogs and a blind cat. Oh yes, and our friend who lives with us is allergic to cats and our large dog Barney loves cats, he thinks they taste great. Should be fun. No? No.
This is Jacob, the blind, stressed out and extremely pissed off cat. Sorry it's a bad photo, but he wouldn't cooperate.

Did I forget to mention that three of the dogs are not reliably housebroken?

Please send any positive energy that you have to spare to me. I think I may need it to survive the week.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to rearrange and reorganize the sewing dungeon. Something tells me that keeping six dogs from eating the cat for the next few days will take up most of my free time.