Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tablecloth skirt completed

I finished my version of Sham's tablecloth skirt. Sham's instructions are excellent and it went together very easily. Unfortunately as I suspected it isn't as flattering on me as I would like, oh hell it isn't flattering at all.

I look as big as a dining table in it. That seats twelve. 8-)

My choice of fabric could be better as well. The fabric feels very light, but this skirt uses a lot of fabric and even light fabrics can feel kind of heavy when there is this much of it. The fabric looks far more interesting close up, from a distance it has the look of homeless bag lady. Not surprisingly this is not the look I was going for. I made a drawstring waist (with 18 inches or so of elastic sewn to the ties), as I intended this to be a casual skirt for hot summer days. This has the added benefit of getting smaller with me as I lose weight ( okay I am dreaming here).

I have also learned that as much as I like funky clothes on other people, on me I prefer a slightly more conservative look. I don't consider this a failure, I will wear it this summer, probably mostly at home. Where no one will see me.

close up of fabric, it is 55% linen and 45% cotton

drawstring waist


  1. I know what you mean about funky clothes on other people. As an example, I think that Oona looks awesome in pretty much everything she makes, but I don't have the courage to try anything like that, let alone wear it.

    Bummer about the skirt, but you might wear it once or twice and decide it's not as bad as you think now.

  2. Oh I am sure it cannot be as bad as you think. Sometimes a new thing can take a bit of getting used to, working out which tops will work with it, etc. I reckon it actually looks gorgeous; comfortable, funky and fun. I think you should wear it out and about!

  3. Aww. I hope it grows on you, or at least is comfy to wear around the house. That is nifty fabric, at least from up close.

    I've learned (painfully) that anything with gathering at the waist is a big no-no for me. Which doesn't stop me from trying it occasionally...

  4. I totally understand - I also admired all the tablecloth skirts but I know they would not suit me . I carry my weight over my lower abdo and I think this skirt would really emphasise that.

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. It probably isn't that bad, I will wear it, I love skirts in the summer, bare legs, flipflops and a t-shirt I am good to go.

  6. I agree with everyone else - wear it with bounce and colours and then decide whether its good or not.

    I have issues with my other end, as I have no curves to speak of and wish I could wear cleavage'y things but they tend to make me look flat. Sigh. Perfection comes in so many guises don't you think?

  7. Hi ElleC I have given you the Sunshine 2012 award. If you would like to accept the details are

  8. Oh, no! Say it isn't so! I hope it's better than you think, because it's a beautiful version. :)

    1. The skirt is great, well designed (thank you), unfortunately it doesn't suit the body I am currently residing in. Right now I seem to be all butt and belly. When I lose weight the first place it leaves is my belly and waist, thank goodness. I am waiting for the weather to warm up here to start walking regularly and then I am sure the skirt will look better on me.