Tuesday, November 24, 2015

refining my SWAP

blobby voile print
I have been home sick with a nasty cold/flu thingy, and I am feeling better but not enough to actually do anything productive, so of course that meant playing with my SWAP fabrics. As you may or may not have noticed, I have more than enough fabrics pulled to make 11 garments. Some need to be eliminated. This of course requires making tables and or spreadsheets. Cause I love doing that.

Two of my fabrics, although I love them and will sew them up, only go with white. They both have pink/fuchsia but not the pink/fuchsia solids that I have in the SWAP. So they are out of the SWAP plan.

I haven't made McCalls 7093, so a muslin must be made, and I will use the blobby print for that pattern. The border print needs a pattern with a straight bottom hem, so it will be a Belcarra as that is the only pattern I am using with a remotely straight hem, and I need to fine tune the fit on the Belcarra.

polka dots or dotted? border print 

I admit I am/was a little lot concerned about the fit of my garments. As I am in approximately the middle of my weight loss journey (need to lose around 20 more very stubborn pounds), and I hope to be done somewhere around the deadline of the SWAP, it will be impossible to have everything fit perfectly. However as I am sewing scrubs and well fitting scrubs are somewhat of an oxymoron, I have decided to not concern myself with this, and if necessary I can alter everything later. Although I hate, loathe, detest, and abhor altering clothing, whether I made it or not.

As I was writing this, I realized I really wanted to call the border print "polka dots", and then it occurred to me that I wasn't sure if this is a term that people outside North America use. It seems that I see the termed dotted used on British blogs? Am I right? Is polka dots a North American term? Tell me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SWAP 2016, the patterns

I have been going through my pattern collection and the BMV website and perusing various indie pattern designers looking for inspiration.  I made another Pinterest board to keep track of my ideas.

Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic Patterns - Envelope CoverBelcarra Blouse by Sewaholic Patterns - Envelope Cover

The problem is, and it's not really a problem, is that I have lost around 30 pounds this year, and I am not interested in making or wearing the standard boxy scrubs. I have made a couple of scrubs using Sewaholic's Belcarra Blouse, and I really like them, and even though I am most definitely not a pear shape, the pattern is flattering and achieves the impossible by making me look like I have a waist! Definitely a winner.
M7093, Misses' Tops and Tunic K3979, Misses' Top and Pants

However, I don't want to make the same top over and over and over again. You can make a pattern look different with the use of piping, bias trims, zippers as trims etc, but the sewing gets so boring. In the running are the Belcarra, McCalls 7093, the Pendrell (with different sleeves than the pattern because I hate the sleeves as drafted), and/or Kwik Sew 3979. I might even do a muslin. First time for everything.
Line Drawing
The pants/capris are going to be made from Loes Hinse Cruise pants. I love the way they fit me and I will add plenty of pockets, a minimum of four pockets per pair. At least one decision is easy.

Last, but most difficult. Seeing as I am sewing this as a whole wardrobe, I need a jacket. It is going to be Sewaholic's Minoru. With the standard addition of external patch pockets and without the hood. I have already made one of these and have worn it constantly. It will be made from black corduroy which is in the stash.
Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic Patterns - Envelope Cover

In conclusion. This will be overall a very easy sew. I can make a Belcarra in a day, same for the Cruise pants. The Minoru is another story, especially in corduroy, but I want to be challenged somehow.

Any opinions? What do you think?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

update from the sewing dungeon and SWAP 2016

Hello reader(S)? Anyone?

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't died or become Amish or stopped sewing. Nope, just lost that lovin' feeling ♫ for the blog. Much sewing has been happening since I last posted. Thank goodness I didn't lose sewing mojo, just blogging  mojo. But I am back. I am not even going to attempt to catch up on blogging about things I have made since last blogged. Partially because I am old and can't remember what I have made, and partially because I don't want to.

On to the sewing. I have decided to participate in the SWAP 2016 at Artisan Square. As I work in a nursing home, I wear scrubs every.single.day. So a scrub SWAP it is. After rifling through the fabric closet of requirement, I discovered I have more than enough fabric for a scrub SWAP. The name I gave the SWAP on Artisan Square is "natural fiber scrub wardrobe", but I really wanted to call it "Nursing homes are hotter than f***ing hell and I can't wear those awful cotton polyester scrubs they sell everywhere cause they make me sweat and stink and they are f***king uncomfortable".

Perhaps a bit wordy. Anyway, my colours are black, white, and bright pink/fuchsia. The fabrics are cotton, linen and rayon. Breathable. Ahh.

And here are the fabrics.

Row 1: white embroidered cotton, tie dye print cotton voile
Row 2; black & white rayon plaid, black and white gingham stretch cotton
Row 3: black and cream polka dot cotton sateen, flowered/striped border print
Row 4: a gorgeous stretch cotton sateen ♥, green and pink polka dot border print cotton voile
Row 5: water colour printed cotton voile, embroidered pink cotton
Row 6: pink linen, and another pink linen
Row 7: pink fleece, and a photo of the three pink woven fabrics to show the differences in colour

Also, but not pictured plain white cotton and plaid black cotton, cause really, do you need a picture of plain black or white fabric? No, of course not. Some of these may not make it into the final SWAP, we shall see.

Next post. Which patterns?