Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello? Is anyone still out there?

Is anyone out there? I wouldn't blame anyone for giving up on me.

First of all, I am admitting I was shamed into this post. Yes, shamed. Fitnottofit nominated me for a Liebster award. Thank you darling girl! I thought I should write a post before responding to the nomination.

Wow. It has been a long time since I posted. Since April 25, 2014 to be exact. I thought I would include the year because it seems like it has been even longer. I have tried to post, really, truly I have. I offer as evidence excerpts from posts I have started and not finished. These may or may not get finished and may or may not show up as completed posts one day. One never knows.

I miss blogging. I have been so busy and so tired that I just haven't been able to manage it.

while back while thrift store shopping, I came across a Singer 500 (aka Rocketeer) for $25. I knew from reading other people's blogs that it was a powerful machine and could be a worthwhile addition to my sewing machine family. Then of course there was it's appearance. To me it looks like a old Buick/Chrysler/Edsel.

 I have been sewing, but it has been of an industrial kind of sewing. The kind of sewing that you have to sew. For work, and not pretty, fashionable clothes. Nope, the kind that is almost no fun at all. Why? I got a new job. Not a job doing what I want, as apparently there is a conspiracy between all employers to not hire me to do the kind of work I want to do. 

Anyway there has been lots of sewing happening in the sewing dungeon, just not blogging. I'm sure we would all agree, that if one is going to slack off on one discipline, blogging is the one that should be given up on. 

Why am I stuck on referring to myself in the third person? No idea, but it feels right. 

Anyhoo, Here is a list of what I have sewn since my last post.

The List 

Clockwise from top left, the bra (obviously, close up of dark brown scout, close up of yellow scout, close up of black pants fabric

turquoise scout, tiny pocket tank, yellow scout

turquoise linen Scout
yellow voile Scout
taupe Scout with matching scarf, to wear on head while visiting a Sikh temple
dark brown voile Scout with some very simple beading around the neckline-because it sooo boring without something extra
taupe Tiny Pocket Tank top
black pants-Loes Hinse Cruise pants, I ♥ this pattern
3 pairs sleep shorts for a friend (no photos)
matronly beige Pin Up Girls Classic band bra that doesn't quite fit

the most boring beige voile scrub ever, but it is cool, not trendy cool, but temperature cool
blue and white pattern print scrub
red and pink print scrub
pink camo print scrub
polka dot scrub
red print scrub
turquoise and black scrub
turquoise linen scrub
white scrub
yellow voile scrub -no photo (in the wash)
dark brown voile scrub-no photo (in the wash too)
green print scrub (which I hated and felt like crap in, so I gave it away to someone who looks great in it)

That is 22 garments in 4 months. I think know that is a record for me. Yes, they are all simple garments, and I was all set to feel like I was taking the easy way out by only sewing simple easy patterns. Then I thought about it and realized that even the clothes I have bought recently have been simple garments. I guess my style has evolved/devolved? to basic stuff. I could be called a style minimalist. That sounds cool, I like it. Although one day I will attempt a Koos van den Akker coat, V1377, V1331 or V1277. I WILL.

Of course, all of you will no doubt notice that scrubs feature prominently on the list. If you can read between?around? the lines above, I am now working in a nursing home, and I have to wear scrubs to work. Almost all commercially made scrubs are made from the devil's fabric, polyester. As most nursing homes have interior temperatures of somewhere between a blast furnace and that of the cauldron at Kilauea (for the comfort of the residents), the blend of poly/cotton makes for a hot and sweaty and uh, um, a rather fragrant body. Cotton and/or /linen is required (at least for me).  That explains the scrubs.

Anyway, that's all I have time for now, please forgive the bad photography, I was racing against the rain, and of course, time.  I promise I will write more soon.