Friday, July 26, 2013

so far behind on blogging

So. Far. Behind. Sewing has happened. Much sewing.

I just can't seem to get around to photographing the much sewing that has happened. Sorry ladies. Soon. Maybe.

Stop judging me.

While playing around with Google Earth today, we found our house has been photographed recently. I find it incredibly amusing that you can clearly see two Frisbees and our clothesline in our backyard.  Funny, no? Glad I wasn't sunbathing naked. On the other hand it would just look like a large white blob of something or other. Go to and see what is in your backyard. I dare you.
the white and yellow circles are Jasper's Frisbees

If you are in need of having a good laugh (and really, who isn't), wander over to The Bulwer-Lytton fiction writing contest website and have a look. The contest is named for the Victorian era writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton whose novel, "Paul Clifford" began with, "It was a dark and stormy night". The contest is to write the worst possible opening sentence to a fictitious novel. The entries are funny beyond description, I have entered a few times but have never reached the pinnacle of Dishonorable Mention. Oh well, I would like to have it on my resume that I won a fiction writing contest. Wouldn't have to say it was a bad fiction writing contest. Would I?

I highly recommend NOT drinking a beverage while reading on your electronic device and if you insist on doing so, you can't blame me. I warned you. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day! The winners are...........................

Canadian Flag Cake
Image shamelessly stolen from

I love my sewing books, I really do. I will go to The Sewing Dungeon pick out a bunch and will read through them for a week or so. Some you like more than others. I know, I am a master of the obvious. There is a point to this. I have spent this last week looking at and trying to read Bridal Couture, and I don't get it. I mean I do get it, but  it isn't possible to care less than I do about ever sewing a wedding dress or a couture quality evening gown.

The point to this is, if you are one of the eight people who commented and want this book, your odds of getting it just increased. It is a waste for me to keep a copy that I don't enjoy so I am giving away both of my copies. The worship of me can now commence.

Drum roll. The winners, chosen by Karma. Also known as Karmageddon and possibly Jasper if he can be bothered. Each name is written on paper, rolled up into a roughly spherical shape and tossed on the floor. Which one (if any) will they choose?

My camera died, or more accurately the battery did. Sigh. So no incredibly precious photographs of little dogs with small pieces of paper playing keep away from an disheveled woman in her Obi Wan Kenobi bathrobe. You will just have to take my word for it, they were adorable.

The winners are:

Wait for it.

The Muslinette



Both winners are Canadian! No this isn't rigged. No, there won't be a recount 8-). I really wish I had more Bridal Couture copies to give away so you could all have one. Ms Muslinette and Tanit-Isis please get in touch with me and I will get this on its way to you.