Saturday, December 15, 2012

More fabric...........

Those of you who follow this sad pathetic excuse for a blog, will no doubt notice the incredible lack of sewing being done. So, why, do I persist in purchasing fabric? I just can't resist a good buy on fabric. Can't do it. I am getting close to S.A.B.L.E. (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy), especially since I have no intention of slowing down on the purchasing of fabric. Fortunately my niece has graciously volunteered to give it all a good home after I die. Lovely girl.

Case in point. While killing time today, I wandered into one of my favourite thrift stores (charity shop to you Brits), everything was half price. You can guess the rest.

Gray polyester crepe, 150 cm wide, 4.2 meters for $3.25, I love this and I don't usually even like Miss Ester (some of you know may her by her first name, Polly) but it is lovely and drapey and suitable for a dress or pants or many things.

Cream cotton twill, 150 cm wide, 2 meters for $2.00-this is the best photo I could produce. A nice medium weight, good for pants or shorts. If you look closely you can see some dog hair, apparently Barney felt it could use some accessorizing. He is thoughtful that way.

Black and white tiny houndstooth, 150 cm wide, 4 meters for $4.00 (could be wool), a nice medium/heavy weight, good for a coat, jacket, suit etc.

Navy and white cotton check 130 cm wide, 3.5 meters for $2.50, great for a summer shirt for The Husband.

Black knit with crushed velvet pile, 150 cm wide, 3 meters, $3.00, this is velvet like, but the raised bits are looped not cut, and it is a nice weight. I used this photo because the sheerness shows. I don't have any idea what I will do with this, no matter, it is likely to age  awhile forever anyway.

Black fleece, 150 cm wide, 1 meter $1.75-which I am not going to post a photo of because everyone knows what fleece looks like and all it looks like is black fuzzy stuff.

So, let us do the math, 17.7 meters of fabric for $16.50, that's less than $1 per meter. I am pleased. Now I just have to get sewing. And hide it all from The Husband in the fabric closet of requirement.

PS-My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the horrific incident in Newtown, Connecticut. Like everyone else, I am overwhelmed and heartbroken.