Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Catching up, part two

I have more tops to show you, and these one's are not Belcarra's.

The most recent two tops I have made are True Bias Sutton blouse. I must admit when this pattern came out I was underwhelmed, I didn't see anything interesting about it at all. That all changed when Clio of Clio and Phineas made a couple. I fell in love instantly and had to make one or two or fourteen, I have several more planned. Keep in mind these aren't ironed because my shoulder won't let me. One thing to keep in mind, reviews I read mentioned over and over again how the pattern fits large, so even though my measurements put me firmly in a size 18, I made a 16, and it is absolutely perfect.

I made the green one first from thrifted fabric, fully expecting it to be an unwearable muslin. Surprise! Turns out I really like it, the only issue being the high low hem, when wearing jeans it works, when wearing any stretchy fabric bottoms, the hem hits me at exactly the most unflattering spot.

This is my second one, it's a scrub, and it works very well as one. I made the hem even all around and added pockets (as usual). Love both of these.

Second pattern New Look 6179 OOP. I made a number of changes or omissions to this pattern. I made version C, omitted the elastic in the sleeves, lengthened the sleeves a little, omitted the slit in the neckline and of course added pockets. Both of these tops are made from 100% cotton voile, which makes them very cool and comfortable to wear to work. BUT I don't love this pattern, I just don't feel like I look good in them. So I won't be making this pattern again. 


exactly the same fabric as one of the Belcarra's
from yesterdays post, just in a different colour

Next up is New Look 6194 version A .I changed so many things on this pattern that it really doesn't look like the picture at all. I excluded the darts, the sleeve bands and had no need for a zipper, straightened the hemline and lengthened it by several inches. I was looking for a top with some waist shaping, like a Belcarra but without raglan sleeves (see previous post re my inability to match patterns on raglan sleeves). I had the striped floral border print, but not a lot of it, so I barely managed to make it work. This one was a particular challenge, as I really prefer my pockets to match the print perfectly. That couldn't happen with the striped one, so the only thing to do was to make welt pockets, which I had never done before. They worked out quite well.

Next up is Butterick 4465 OOP. So far I have made two of these. I like them surprisingly well, considering they are kind of boxy. I think the raglan sleeves might be the reason. The pattern is really big, I recommend making a size or two smaller than your measurements. I used one inch seam allowances for the side seams, and it is still fairly loose. I think I will go 1½ sizes smaller next time.

textured 100% cotton 

cotton sateen with a little lycra-lovely fabric and a dream to sew

The next 4 tops I have no idea which pattern I used, or if there ever was one. The pattern I used for these ones was cut from thin cardboard that I have had hanging around the sewing dungeon forever. These are all standard boxy unflattering tops, I don't wear these as much as my others but it's convenient sometimes to have something larger to wear on those days you are retaining water/fat/whatever.
bargain center-fabric printed off grain which is why I changed
the direction of the stripes, I really like the way this one
turned out. I even added a zipper to a pocket, this was after
my phone fell in a toilet. Zippered pockets don't work all
that well in scrubs tho. Lesson learned.

100% cotton voile

cotton with a little lycra-lovely to sew

red chambray-very stiff cotton

That's it. I am caught up with reporting items I have made. Except for scrub pants. I am not going to bore anyone by making them look at scrub pants. You are welcome.  

Thank you for coming by.


  1. It's so nice to see so many different patterns made up. Uniforms are so much more fin now than they were when I wore them.

    1. They really are. There is almost no limit to what there is available.

  2. Lots of tops! Looks like you've been busy at the sewing machine. Have to admit I'm sort of jealous - I've been getting plenty of machine time, but it's all been commission work and my wardrobe it looking quite threadbare.

    1. That is so not fair that you don't have any time to sew for yourself. I hope you get some "you" sewing time soon.

  3. Nice to have some variety in your work a day wardrobe. My fave is the cheery poke a dot. I see one there from Fanny's Fabrics. Remember the days when we had some choices?!

  4. This is such a great collection of wearable tops. I would wear lots of these - I especially like the light grey and the red splodgy Beclarras, the stripey one with flowers, and the fruity one. Super selection. Lovely.

  5. This is such a great collection of wearable tops. I would wear lots of these - I especially like the light grey and the red splodgy Beclarras, the stripey one with flowers, and the fruity one. Super selection. Lovely.

  6. I'm late to the top party and all of them are so nice. I'm craziest about the ones you made from the New Look patterns though.