Monday, May 30, 2016

Catching up-photo heavy post

Hello all!

Right now I am laid up with a very sore shoulder and I am unable to sew. Actually, I can sew, I cannot press or use an iron. Which really sucks because inspiration has struck and fabric is calling me to the sewing dungeon. Sooo annoying. This means of course, I can (and most definitely should) update my sad pathetic little blog.

I didn't finish the SWAP this year. I have been fighting an incredibly stubborn sinus infection since forever December, it has improved since then, not gone tho. My GP thinks surgery maybe required. At this point I don't care, I just want it gone. I see a specialist in July. Thank goodness for corticosteroid nasal sprays. They make breathing possible. The sinus infection also affected my ability to stay on my diet, when you are sick you want what you want to eat. I wanted fresh pressed apple juice with freshly squeezed ginger, and many other things that aren't part of the diet I was following.

At any rate this meant my sewing output really dropped early this year. I did get a bunch of  the intended SWAP sewn, but obviously not blogged or instagrammed or anything social media-ish. So here goes one massive update (ok maybe two not so massive updates).

I have decided that I don't like using scrub patterns for scrub tops, they are shapeless baggy and boring. My favorite pattern for scrubs is Sewaholic's Belcarra blouse. This top actually makes me look like I have a waist, WIN! To date I have made 14 Belcarra's. I have made so many that I am going to temporarily retire the pattern. I have made a few modifications to the pattern, narrowed the neckline (followed instructions on Sewaholic blog) lower patch pockets (essential for scrubs), no cuffs on the sleeves and sometimes I cut the hem level, depends on the fabric. I have one problem with the pattern and it is all my problem, I am incapable of making stripes match on raglan sleeves. I'm pretty sure it's genetic. Pockets I can match, sleeves not so much.

Here is the parade of Belcarra's. If the photos suck, my apologies, they were taken with my iPhone, the DLSR is too heavy for me to use right now.

100%  cotton voile-lovely and cool

cotton with lycra-you can barely tell, but the sleeves and hem are finished with black bias binding

obviously a Christmas top, made from bargain center off grain quilting cotton

another Christmas-check out the pockets on this one, all three of them

yet another Christmas top
2 ice dyed tops-I didn't intend for them to be almost identical, but that's the way they turned out

my favorite fabric, cotton sateen with a little lycra, I ♥ this print-was going to be part of SWAP

cotton with lycra-lovely and cool to wear

made for Jungle January, but never blogged, too sick sorry Anne!

linen, this fabric is more peach than pink

100% cotton border print

made from quilting cotton
I have never sewn a pattern as many times as this one. What patterns do you make over and over and over again?


  1. Those are all such lovely tops. I've made the Belcarra once and plan to make more, I just have to narrow the neckline a little more. I have multiples of Sewaholics Hollyburn skirt tho'.

    1. Narrowing the neckline made all the difference for me. The instructions on the blog were excellent.

  2. I'm sorry your sinus infection isn't going away. They seem to be such a stubborn place to clear out an infection -I've had three myself in the last six months; wretched!

    1. I have had several/many sinus infections before and I have never been as sick as this one, and I was always able to recover quickly. I don't know why this one is so stubborn.

  3. When you find a pattern you like, I see no reason why you should feel embarrassed about making it over and over. Especially for scrubs--they aren't going to be "haute couture" no matter what you do to them, LOL! I do like these quite a lot, and am looking forward to seeing more of this ice dyeing. I just did some dyeing the other day, and I might have gotten myself into a new obsession...

    1. I'm not embarrassed about making so many Belcarra's, just really bored of sewing them. 8-)

      Oh no, you have discovered the fun and addictive nature of dyeing! I was obsessed for a couple of years and was constantly dyeing something. I even taught (on a very casual basis) classes at the assisted living facility that I worked in at the time. I find snow or ice dyeing the most fun, cause you really never know what you are going to get. It's like Christmas when you rinse and wash everything. Such fun.

      There are a ton of online resources for dyeing, some of my favorites are:

      this is for ice/snow dyeing specifically

      I have a lot of resources on my Pinterest board, Fun with Dye and Paint

      Have fun!

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  5. Love all your colors and fabrics and those very valuable pockets. Sorry to hear about the sinus problems...then toss in allergy seasons and you are really in a mess. Sounds like your body is telling you to slow down in order to recover. Hope you get help soon from the doctors!!!!

    1. Thank you, I wear colors and prints for work that I would never wear otherwise!

      Fortunately I don't suffer from allergies, for which I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately slowing down isn't in the cards, I have been working full time since October or November and will be for the foreseeable future. I am enjoying the $$, more money to buy fabric.