Saturday, November 14, 2015

update from the sewing dungeon and SWAP 2016

Hello reader(S)? Anyone?

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't died or become Amish or stopped sewing. Nope, just lost that lovin' feeling ♫ for the blog. Much sewing has been happening since I last posted. Thank goodness I didn't lose sewing mojo, just blogging  mojo. But I am back. I am not even going to attempt to catch up on blogging about things I have made since last blogged. Partially because I am old and can't remember what I have made, and partially because I don't want to.

On to the sewing. I have decided to participate in the SWAP 2016 at Artisan Square. As I work in a nursing home, I wear scrubs So a scrub SWAP it is. After rifling through the fabric closet of requirement, I discovered I have more than enough fabric for a scrub SWAP. The name I gave the SWAP on Artisan Square is "natural fiber scrub wardrobe", but I really wanted to call it "Nursing homes are hotter than f***ing hell and I can't wear those awful cotton polyester scrubs they sell everywhere cause they make me sweat and stink and they are f***king uncomfortable".

Perhaps a bit wordy. Anyway, my colours are black, white, and bright pink/fuchsia. The fabrics are cotton, linen and rayon. Breathable. Ahh.

And here are the fabrics.

Row 1: white embroidered cotton, tie dye print cotton voile
Row 2; black & white rayon plaid, black and white gingham stretch cotton
Row 3: black and cream polka dot cotton sateen, flowered/striped border print
Row 4: a gorgeous stretch cotton sateen ♥, green and pink polka dot border print cotton voile
Row 5: water colour printed cotton voile, embroidered pink cotton
Row 6: pink linen, and another pink linen
Row 7: pink fleece, and a photo of the three pink woven fabrics to show the differences in colour

Also, but not pictured plain white cotton and plaid black cotton, cause really, do you need a picture of plain black or white fabric? No, of course not. Some of these may not make it into the final SWAP, we shall see.

Next post. Which patterns?


  1. When I was little, my mother would sew up a bunch of scrub tops to sell to her coworkers (this was back when you ordered them from a magazine, and they weren't at walmart--or at least not a walmart close to us). They were very popular because they were so much more fun in horses/frogs/flowers/whathaveyou vs. the standard navy. And she worked in a nursing home as well, so I know very well what you mean when you say it's hot as hell in there! I think you've got some great choices, and since your pinterest indicates you like "funky", might I suggest Kwik Sew 3979? Also, KS3201 is in the $2 OOP clearance sale. Happy sewing! :-)

    1. I am going to try not to sew "scrub" patterns. I have found if you put pockets on the front of almost anything it becomes a scrub.

      I do like Kwik Sew 3979, it is a ittle similar to McCalls 6473, but I may have to buy it anyway, because you know I have to own ALL the scrub patterns ever created. Thank you for pointing it out to me.

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing your SWAP as it proceeds. I am in the midst of marathon yoga pant sewing. B o r I n g

    1. Thank you for dropping by! You have my sympathy for marathon sewing, it can be so hard to push through it. Good luck!