Friday, November 7, 2014

happy weekend everyone

The McCall's blog recently posted about their new magazine which is produced in conjunction with Joanne's Fabrics. As I live in Canada and we don't have a Joannes (not sure whether this is good thing or not), I can't have a look at it before I buy it, I was wondering if any of you Americans have had a look at it. Is it worth it?

I was checking out the Burda patterns on the Simplicity website the other day and I noticed something unusual, There seems to be a pattern (Burda 6974) which appears identical to a top that was in Burdastyle magazine, Draped Shirt 02/2013 #113. Is this normal? Or am I a total idiot for never having noticed before? Tell me.

Don't worry about offending me, I am used to feeling stupid foolish.

And I noticed this pattern description. Almost a little frumpy and innocent??? I got to get me some of that, there is nothing more desirable than frumpy when making your own clothes. You could have added that it would look homemade to make it even more attractive.

Burda, you have to get a native English speaker to proof read your pattern descriptions.


Do it soon.


I promise there will be sewing to show off  write about soon. My mojo has been intact but I have been suffering from decision paralysis. So many things to sew, just couldn't decide which pattern and which fabric etc.

Later sewing sisters ♥


  1. Yes, Burda recycle some of the most popular magazine patterns into envelope patterns. I am not at all sure what percentage of envelopes are recycled magazine patterns but there's usually a sprinkling I recognize from the magazines in every pattern release.

    1. Good to know. I almost never look at Burda patterns in envelopes, mostly because the Simplicity website is hopelessly slow for me.

  2. LOL! I made that blouse, and while mine turned out a bit trailer-trash-esque, I don't know that I'd call it frumpy, per se. :-P ( Actually though, if you like it, you should try it, because I think the problems I had were entirely of my own creating...just put some sleeves on it! ;-)

    No help on the magazine though, sorry! If I remember next time I'm in the big green J I'll give it a look see. :-)

  3. A frumpy top - must try that LOL.

  4. "Your shirt looks a little frumpy." "Oh, good, that's what I was going for!"

    Anyway, yeah, Burda does tend to re-issue some of the magazine patterns in the envelope collections (they used the wrap dress/top from the October 2011 issue, and a a few other knit top/dress patterns that I can remember in recent releases). Normally it is a very small percentage - around 3-4 patterns in a collection of 80-90 - so there isn't a ton of overlap.

  5. Haven't heard anything about a new magazine but you would think being on their email list would warrant a notice of current news? Maybe the words they were looking for were "mature and young"?

  6. I have never seen that description on a pattern lol! have fun sewing!


  7. Something sometimes gets lost in the translation with Burdastyle. I once read that a pants pattern was 'ideal for fat bottomed ladies'. I wonder how many they sold of that one :) By the way elle c email me so I can send you Issey!

  8. Hilarious! Burda does need some help with their English.