Sunday, January 12, 2014

Obligatory goal setting post for 2014

Yeah, I'm late. I was laid up with a nasty bug from December 28 through to January 7. It was a combination of bad cold, bronchitis and a bad reaction to an antibiotic.  Now I am feeling better and appreciating how good normal feels, and I am feeling really grateful for Canada's universal health care system. Thank you Tommy Douglas.

Now on to my sewing/blogging goals for the year.

Blogging goals first.

They're easier. Last year sometimes I went a long time between posts, and I admit I missed writing. So for 2014 I commit myself to one blog post a week minimum.  Every Monday. I want to be consistent because then it becomes a habit. Some weeks I may have a lot to write about, sometimes not so much, but every Monday I will post something. There may be changes to the look of the blog as well. Notice the complete lack of commitment in that last sentence.

Sewing goals.

 I am participating in the Stashbusting Sewalong 2014, although it is unlikely I will be sewing along with their themes, but I will be sewing from my stash, and will not be adding to the stash.  I am giving myself an out. IF I find amazing fabric at an amazing price, silk for $2 per meter, or something like that, or if I have to have a garment to wear to a specific event and no suitable fabric is in the stash and I'm thinking I may need to buy fabric for workout clothes later in the year. Also, I will be purging the stash of WTF was I thinking fabrics. Already donated three meters. It is too ugly to photograph, my camera seized up when I tried.

I am not officially participating in Goodbye Valentino RTW fast, but I am planning on not purchasing any RTW this year. Again,  if I have to, I will.

Once again, my focus will be on sewing knits. Last year I made quite a few knit tops, but I still have a ton to learn about sewing with knits. Then there is the fact that I live in t-shirts, and I only want to sew what I will actually wear. Which brings me to another goal. Sewing with a plan. Not necessarily a SWAP like the one taking place on Stitcher's Guild, I am not nearly disciplined enough for that (if only). Anyway, I plan on sewing thoughtfully and carefully choosing patterns which (I hope) I will actually wear.

First weekly Monday post tomorrow. Later.........

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  1. Great plans, looking forward to seeing your posts..