Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Reveal

Well, it turns out that my white knit fabric has some poly in it. I can tell because the darkest the fabric is is dark gray. It's okay, I like the colour.

 I hope you all appreciate the photos I took outside, it was freezing. Literally, -3 C, 26 F.

1. This is the crystal scrunch pattern. I was hoping for more white on this, I added too much dye to the fabric, but it is still useable, maybe a sleeve or the back or both.

2. Bullseye.  I like how this pattern turned out. I had never done this tie method before, and this is what I was hoping it would be. I am planning on cutting the front with only a portion of the circle. This may will most likely change.

3. Vertical stripes. A few of the white portions were tied wonkey donkey. It's okay, I am sure I can work around it/them.

4. Donuts. You can see in the photo that I had the fabric doubled when I tied the billions of elastics. There are a couple of strange amoeba shapes in the center of the fabric. And if you squint you can see faces looking at you. No? Maybe it's just me.

5. Close up of the fabric and the colour is pretty much dead on. Which is why I froze for these, the colour is accurate when photographed outside.

By the way, the fabric is 150 cm/60" wide, and the shortest length is one meter/39". So I will have enough fabric to make at least two long sleeved t-shirts.

Overall I am pleased with how the fabric turned out. What you do think? Do any of you see dyeing fabric in your future?

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  1. They are very cool-I love the bullseye as it looks like tree rings. My fave for using as yardage would be donuts. Did you see a repeat or radial expansion in the donuts? I do.

    1. Yes. It took me a few minutes, but I did see it. Interesting. I thought I was being random. The donut fabric has kind of an organic feel to it. I like it better in person than in the photo. I'm pleased you like it.

  2. How cool is that - takes me back to the seventies. Love the outcomes and the wonkey donkey just adds more uniqueness.

  3. Lurve all of these variations on a theme. I can't wait to see your shirts - they'll be so trendy!

  4. Every one of the patterns tells a story and makes your mind wander...or is it just me? Can't wait to see the finished project/artwork....stand back and wait for compliments! Love the tree rings!!!!!!

  5. The mustache face with the cupcake nose is my favorite! (Yes, the donuts are totally staring at me.) I think these are all very cool, but I particularly like how the ring pattern turned out.

  6. Wonderful pieces. And I will look forward to seeing your garments from this dyeing session. I have a dye pot on the stove right now cooling. Pomegranate, copper pennies, rusted items mixed with linen, cotton, and silk. All in an aluminum pot. It'll probably be mud.

  7. What a fun blog you have there Elle! Now I'm dying to do some dyeing (sorry...) Love the donuts as well. Happy New Year!