Sunday, November 17, 2013

drum roll please

They were all sooo excited about the draw.
Apparently there was more than 13 people who hadn't made a Minoru yet, there were 20.

Everyone was assigned a number, in the order of which they commented.

1 Seraphinalina
2 Katy
3 House of Pinheiro
4 Jilly Be
5 Robin
6 Barbara
7 Country Girl Couture
8 Sox
9 Carolyn
10 Kate
11 t Sedai
12 Dracualsh
13 KC
14 Summer Flies
15 Rainjerette
16 Prettynpink
17 alizee
18 Judith
19 Andrea
20 Gmarie

Barbara  Robin is the winner! Congratulations Barbara Robin! Email me and let me know your address so I can get it to you.

Edited. OMG I am a complete idiot. As you can clearly see, I made a mistake and it isn't Barbara that is the winner, it is Robin.   Robin please email me with your info. 

Barbara, I am so sorry, please email me and I will find something to send off to you. Again, I am so sorry.


  1. Congratulations to Barbara ~ and now there are only 19 of us in this non-Minoru group!!!

  2. I see my name next to number 5 -- am I mistaken?

    1. No, you are not. I am apparently an idiot.

    2. Couldn't find your email. I will send mailing info. :)

  3. Thanks so much! Just don't put any deadline on my making it. Email with contact info is on the way.

  4. Congratulations winner/s. There are at least two of us in the southern hemisphere at least - and Judith and I live close by too!