Monday, September 2, 2013


Lots of dogs.

We board dogs for friends and acquaintances when they go away. We charge a pittance, like ¼ of what the "luxury" kennels charge. This place would qualify as a luxury dog motel. They are welcome on all the furniture, there is a fenced backyard to scamper about in, two scheduled meal times a day, long walks (if it isn't too hot or too cold), three human slaves to tend to most of their needs. I usually bathe the dogs before their people come to get them and they also get manis and pedis. It's a good deal. We do it because we all love dogs and it is fun, all the humans enjoy it. Some of the permanent canine residents, not so much 8-). Jasper, I am talking about you.

Sometimes we are busy and other times there is a drought. In the last two weeks there has been a flood.
from the top row, our dogs, Barney, Max, Jasper, Ricky (who wasn't in the mood for photos), Karma
second row, Chewy, Roxy, Opal, Poppy is in there somewhere, Benny
third row, Boba, Benny & Barney, Karma Jasper Boba & Benny on a walk, Boba sleeping and Boba in the kiddy pool

We have our five, Barney, Max, Jasper, Ricky (aka Big Dick Rick), and Karma (aka Karmageddon). Then we got Roxy and Chewy. Then Poppy and Opal arrived. Nine. All we did was count dogs. In  and out, in and out. Roxy, Chewy and Poppy left. Leaving us with six. Then Benny and Boba arrived. sigh. Boba is a three month old Pomeranian and quite possibly the cutest puppy ever in the history of puppies, and he is a delight, almost housebroken already (sorry Sue). I thought he would be the difficult one. Little did I know.

Prior to this summer we didn't keep written records about the dogs we take. Notice the use of past tense.

We currently have an intact male with an intact female in heat. Oh Joy. Insert as many expletives as you can imagine here _______, I have said them all, I believe in the same sentence. Oh yes, it can be done. We knew Benny wasn't neutered, but we completely forgot about Opal. Fortunately Opal suddenly started behaving like a drunken co-ed at spring break and so it was impossible to miss that she is in heat. So Benny is wearing a belly band and Opal is in a crate or Benny is in a crate. Benny is behaving like a typical male of any species who wants sex, whimpering, begging, howling, crying. Delightful and not at all annoying (sarcasm). If he had a collarbone he would be beating his chest to show his macho-ness, as it is he is demonstrating his suitability for mating by trying to beat up Boba. Boba is having none of it and fights back fairly well for one so small. All the while Ricky and Jasper growl at anyone who walks by them, Max sleeps through everything, Barney looks disgusted, Karma of course thinks it is all a party, just for her and wants to be in the middle of all the action. Fun fun fun.

I think Opal is going home today. It can't possibly happen soon enough. If I knew what time they were getting in, I would meet them at the airport.

So the jist of this post is there will be no sewing for the foreseeable future. I'm sure you can all understand why.