Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kwik Sew 2874

I made view A

Fresh on the heels of my latest make, the less than successful Katherine Tilton  V8690, which I feel my choice of fabric was largely to blame for. I decided not to set fire to the remaining four meters in my driveway (sorry Heather), or to put it back in the closet of requirement, or to donate it. I decided to discover if the fabric truly was to blame for the failure of V8690. So I decided the next knit project of 2013 going to be Kwik Sew 2874. Since I already had the sewing machine, the serger and the cover stitch machine  threaded, and I knew how to handle the fabric, I figured what the hell.

this is the fabric of the devil
I did discover something while making this top. It is incredibly freeing to sew something when you could not possibly care less about the outcome. Really. For instance, instead of being thrifty while cutting out the fabric so you use as little as possible, I did the opposite. I tried to waste as much fabric as possible. It was fun and I felt like a rebel (I know, it's sad). The remaining scraps are going in the garbage, where they belong.

the shoulders are held in place with blue tack so you can get an idea
of the shapelessness of the garment
I can state without hesitation, if you ever want to make a completely shapeless garment that will make you feel  unattractive and will hide all those pesky curves you worked out so hard to get and gave up cheesecake and pizza for, this is the fabric for you. I know ladies, control yourself now. You got to get yourselves some of that. The pattern, oh the poor pattern. It gave it's life for the fabric of the devil. I have no idea what this pattern is like. I can say the directions are good, and it goes together easily, but whether it is wearable and a well fitting pattern, sorry I have no idea. As part of my resewlution to sew knits all year and get competent, I will revisit this pattern at some point this year.

Oh yes, the fabric was in very large part responsible for the massive fail of Vogue 8690, whether it is entirely at fault, I don`t know. I will make it later in the year and get back to you.

So far this year month I have made

                             Vogue 8536
                             Simplicity 4076
                             Butterick 5215
                             Vogue 8690
                             Kwik Sew 2874

9 more to go, I think I will make my goal this year, don`t you?


  1. Well, I think the fabric has been found guilty as charged.

  2. ... I've had a few of those makes myself. >_<

  3. Definitely the fabrics fault for misbehaving and not playing fair!

  4. I too agree, tis the fabrics fault!

  5. Wow! That's immensely masochistic - going back to that fabric so soon after last time! At least you've heroically saved the rest of us from it being out there in circulation waiting to ruin some other sewist's make. LOL I agree, BTW. Sometimes careless sewing is just what the doctor ordered!

  6. You crazy rebel you. Time to call it a day on that fabric.

  7. What a great post. I think we have all bought fabric that we've mis-judged. I love that you plan to make so many knit garments. What a great way to become an expert. While I've made a few knit garments, I tend to stay away from them. Good luck!