Thursday, January 24, 2013

1947 Singer Measurement Chart

This little goodie fell into my hands when a friend of mine gave me a box of sewing goodies he came across at an auction. I was hoping for a case of unopened Dritz welt buttonhole makers, three or four thousand vintage pristine cut mother of pearl buttons, four or five dozen eyelet templates for the Singer and Griest buttonholers. Uh, no.

This was the only cool vintage thing, of course I thought immediately of sharing it with all of you. I wish they still made the "Molded to You" form. No more duct tape dress forms. Oh well.


  1. Oh I have one of those too! It came with a vintage Singer - it's a little treasure, isn't it? Mind was filled out already :-)

  2. Such elegance and thought went into such items, didn't they?!

    now its all about quick and fast methods... which can be helpful, yet can miss some 'point' to it all.

    Great find :)

    Bundana X