Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I won Vogue 8756!

I won a giveaway from the incredibly talented and prolific sewist and blogger Carolyn, I received The pattern in the mail this morning. Some time ago, I did my first giveaway and Carolyn was the recipient of one of the items. It took months to get to her. Months. I think Canada Post put it in a row boat and had someone row it across the Pacific. Australia Post was much much better. It was stamped the 16th of July and it got here today. Way to go Australia Post!

What is it about winning a pattern that makes me (maybe you too) feel I have to make it as soon as possible?  Unfortunately I can't because it won't fit the size I am now, but it will fit the soon to be thin as a supermodel me.

I love the jacket and the pants are a nice traditional cut. Very nice pattern.

In other news, the comments issue on my blog have been resolved. Rubber duck PJ friend who loves a challenge, managed to fix it. Should this happen to you, reset everything to default and it should straighten it all out.


  1. Ooo, cute pattern. I hear you on the 'feeling obligated' thing. I've received a few patterns already, and I want to make them up solely to show the person who sent them to me that I appreciate them. Sadly, I rarely get to them right away. Okay, I've never done one that I've won, but in my defense, I have an entire shelf of patterns I've bought and haven't touched too! lol!


  2. Oh, i love the pattern- I love a swooshy front and hurrah- I can see the comments!

  3. I have that pattern - the jacket/cardigan is a quick make. I haven't attempted the pants yet.