Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frosting, Cake or Bread

There has been a lot of talk in the Land of Blog recently about sewing "cake" versus "frosting". The first one I noticed was Tasia of Sewaholic patterns, her post was about how much more fun it is to sew pretty shiny flowered tops and dresses etc (frosting) and things and how you can end up with nothing to wear with them, ie plain skirts or pants (cake).

Steph from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World  has launched her new pattern company Cake Patterns (which is awesome, congrats Steph), aiming to help women make clothes that are wearable basics, hence the name Cake.

Which got me to thinking, what am I sewing? Since beginning my blogging career, yeah right blog, I have made panties for me, camisoles for Aunt Edna, many pyjama bottoms for me and one pair for a friend, two sleep Sorbettos, a bathrobe for me, a jacket- Vogue 7907 (too hot to need a jacket) along with a Skirt formerly known as The Tablecloth skirt and the top from Vogue 1247, which I have never worn.  The skirt could be described as cake, I have been wearing it and it is a nice casual summer skirt, the jacket would be cake too.  One could hardly describe panties, pyjamas, camisoles and a bathrobe as cake or frosting, could one?

Don't you just love referring to yourself in the third person?

I think I have been sewing bread. Clothes one needs (here I go again), or has to have. One needs to wear underwear, clothes to sleep in, a robe (dressing gown for you Brits) to cover your body with after a shower. Stuff that isn't thrilling, but necessary nonetheless. All part of my plan to eventually sew my whole wardrobe. Until I have achieved my goal weight, I do not want to put a lot of time and effort into producing clothes that will not fit my current body very long. So until I am there I will sew bread and not bake any (which I am very good at btw).

What do you sew? Frosting? Cake? Bread?

What qualifies as each? For instance, for me jeans should qualify as bread, they are a complete essential in my wardrobe, but they feel like cake. Sort of.  Is an easily altered elastic waist skirt cake or bread? T-shirts?

What do you think? Do you ever sew bread?

It isn't the best idea to spend time looking at photos of frosting, cake and bread before you have eaten breakfast. Just sayin'. 


  1. I haven't seen clothing described this way, but I know exactly what you mean. And I try to mix it up. I'll make frosting for awhile, then cake, and I'll make some bread occasionally. For example, early this year I made a series of fun knit tops. But, after awhile, I felt like enough was enough and moved on to other things. Last year I made 6 pair of pj bottoms, so I was making bread. But even when I make bread, I frost it. ;)

  2. Personally, I like sewing (and eating!) bread and cake. I like making something quick and useful, and maybe with a bit of pretty on them. Especially since those are the type of things that I can't find to my liking in the store. I don't have a frosting lifestyle, nor the temperament to make frosting-type items...oddly enough, I don't even really like real frosting unless it's homemade and kept to a minimum...

  3. Bread is a good addition to the list. I think I do a lot of cake. Even when it's bread (bras are definitely essential) I like them in fun colours so they are a little more cakey. The panties I make for myself are lace and cheeky. I have made a party dress that would be frosting but I have worn it a number of times so it's not completely impractical, it's just more suited to weddings and more formal functions. Quite a bit of what I sew is for work so it's not so basic as to be bread, but I wear those dresses over and over so it's not frosting.

  4. Hmmm...I'm so ADD in my sewing, but I'd probably have to say cake is more my zone. Not to say I don't love frosting, though.

    I had to give up my bread baking habit also.

  5. I think we need another category for you Shams, artisan bread, maybe? 8-D

  6. I too, am not a lover of frosting, literal or otherwise. I definitely do not have a frosting kind of life either.

  7. Stuff that you wear a lot is definitely cake, even if it looks like frosting. Oh my, this is getting confusing.

  8. I had to give up bread when my body started reacting to wheat. Not gluten, just wheat. So therefore I had to give up baking bread too, try to bake that stuff and not eat any is almost impossible.

  9. Hmm. So, I prefer bread to cake. Way. Cake only exists as a vehicle for icing. Or frosting, depending on your dialect. The less cake necessary for the requisite volume of icing, the better.

    So i'd be happy to call my jeans bread. Especially if they're a yummy, chewy, crusty french bread. Or sourdough. Or croissant... On the other hand, I don't really wear elastic waistband anything, so that wouldn't be cake or bread for me.

    My mom can't really eat wheat any more, either (too much of most starches get to her, but wheat seems to be the worst). I am really dreading this possibility in my future...

    Actually, I really like the bread metaphor all around. Bread is filling and tasty, yet ubiquitous to the point of being almost invisible. This describes how I feel about most of my basic self-stitched wardrobe. Practical workhorse---yes, but also attractive and stylish, in its understated way, and the sort of thing that no one ever asks "did you make that?"---not because it's well or badly stitched, but because they don't even notice it.

    Let them sew bread.

    Hmph. Makes sense to me.

  10. I think I saw canapes. No, tartlets! Quick brightly colored snacky things. With a work uniform of solid (eh) brown, I just want to the opposite when I sew. I don't sew with a plan, I sew for the fantasy lifestyle I don't have. The geriatric toddler within!