Friday, July 27, 2012

Discussing DISQUS

Apparently legions of my fans stalkers followers have had some difficulty commenting on my blog since I added DISQUS as some sort of mediator/filter something or other. It worked, no more spam. However, this will NOT do. I have removed it, it may take up to 48 hours to go away. You all should have no more issues with commenting on my blog.

Big thanks to Darling Anne for bringing this to my attention.

PS-for those of you who are envious of my pattern collection, I just received my latest fix from BMV.

Current Count

Butterick 25
Vogue 103

Hey lady, wanna buy some Vogue's? Cheap.

Once you buy from those people, they will stop at nothing to get you to buy more, emails every day reminding you they are just a click away. They are almost as persistent as purveyors of other products that are not quite legal. They also know when they have you in their grasp.


  1. Everything about this post sounds annoying, and I'm not talking about you. I can't believe you're getting spam on here, it sucks that people are having problems commenting with the system that keeps the spam away, and joy of joys, spam from companies you'd like if they stopped harrassing the heck out of you. :( Maybe you need to post this on your blog:

  2. I am kidding about BMV emailing etc, It was intended to be funny. They are enablers tho....... 8-D

  3. Oh haha, oops. I've had a similar experience, where a company that I really liked started harrassing me via email, and I had enough of them. Haven't shopped there since. Actually, continually emailing me about how awesome they are is a sure-fire way to make me not want to shop there anymore. But then, I'm grumpy about adverts. Shove it in my face and I'll shove you out the door (or my wallet). :D

  4. Funny, your blog is easier to comment on than others I follow.

  5. So true! I am determined to buy few patterns, and yet they trickle in.

  6. Must admit am not a fan of Disquis as it doesn't appear to give option to link to my blog, well not when I do it lol. Maybe am doing something wrong. If anyone clicks on my name they just see a list of my comments or something like that.

  7. That is strange, I left a comment here yesterday but it seems to have disappeared; I hope this one works...
    I drew your name in my giveaway and have sent you and email about it :)
    Hilarious cartoon!