Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A thrifting we will go......

Look what I found today! I turned around and there it was. I am sure I heard angels singing and there seemed to be a rainbow ray of light coming down from the heavens engulfing me and my precious. Notice the price tag. SCORE. Now I just have to learn how to use it.  The Coletterie blog has what I am sure is an excellent tutorial, cause the directions that come with it are a little on the vague side. I have heard rumours of there being a Dritz Welt Pocket Maker as well, has anyone ever seen one of these, or are they a myth, something like Unicorns?

I also found these.

 I have a very old Husqvarna machine that uses these bobbins and I only have one. I have never used the machine because what if it worked better than any machine in the history of the planet and the one and only bobbin broke. Now I get to play with another vintage machine. Peter would be so proud.

Of course, I found some fabric as well. "It followed me home Mom, honest". Those of you with good memories (damn you anyway), may recall the fabric diet I am supposedly on. It only lasted a couple of weeks, alas. I haven't been posting about my finds, because I have been hiding them from The Husband (hi honey, love you).

This is a list of the stuff that is moving into the fabric closet.

Three and a half meters if what could be white linen, 4 meters of it, gonna wash it, we will see then.
Plain navy blue, I think it is rayon, 5 meters.
Black boucle, about 1 1/2 meters. 

Royal Blue silk noil, 4 meters, unfortunately only 90 cm wide. Silk noil is my favourite fabric to sew.
Camel coloured corduroy, 3 meters

Navy and white woven stripe, feels like a rayon cotton blend, 8 meters.

Last but not least black and cream woven that is hard to describe, so here is a picture 7 1/2 meters.

I am starting to feel a little foolish continuing to buy fabric, when I haven't been sewing, but I am not going to let a little thing like that stop me from shopping.

I am going to leave you with some cute dog pics, cause you can never have enough photos of cute dogs.
Jasper with his summer hair cut and our house guest (who we may get to keep) Karma.

a romp in the yard-ignore the unkempt garden in the background


  1. Mmm, that's some nice fabric!  And those dogs are so cute!!!!

  2. 1)  Thou shalt not be on a diet-diet and a fabric diet at the. same. time.  Not good for the soul.
    2)  Does your husband read your blog?  I don't think mine would know how to find it.  Anyway, if he did find it, he could never read it, because he'd feel obligated to turn in his man card.  Point being, you can always guest post your fabric finds on my blog.  
    3)  OMG I thought our critters were cute.  Yours are PRECIOUS.
    4)  I can tell you live in the northland, because you have pretty, lush, green grass.  Florida grass completely pales in comparison.
    5)  Cool thrifting finds!

  3. Fabric and thrift finds and cute furry friends!  What's not to love about this post!

    And I agree with Andrea - one must be on 2 diets at the same time.  It's not healthy.

  4. Oh, the puppies are adorable!  I might be tempted to steal Karma, except our cats would be completely discombobulated if I brought her home.  

    I love rayon/cotton blends, as long as a bit of starch makes them behave.  The last fabric is strange looking to me -- is the weave printed on, or it just has a really large weave?  My first thought was upholstery fabric.  

    Those gadgets and the silk noil are lucky thrift finds!  I don't count thrifting in my budget.  It's not real money if you're buying secondhand because all the money you're saving balances things out.  Ok, that's just my rationale -- not sure if it would work on your husband.  

  5. please don't let them hear you! Ricky is conceited enough already.

  6. Thank you, I appreciate the enabling. 8-D, Yes The Husband reads the blog, he usually checks it out once a month or so. Our grass is only that green because of the 

  7. I love all the support and enabling all you folks give me. 8-D

  8. The last fabric is woven not printed, and it is definitely not upholstery fabric, it is almost certainly polyester and sort of a dress weight. If you are familiar with cross stitch fabric it is similar in scale to 18 or 22 count aida fabric. Hmm, could be interesting to do some embroidery embellishment. Blackwork I think. 

    Thanks for getting the thought process going.

  9. Ah, you're welcome!  I did cross stitch once upon a time, and I do like the idea of blackwork.  I wonder if the fabric would be the right weight to do a sort of Mexican blouse...something loose and simple where you can add embroidery to suit.  

  10. not really, it isn't flopsy/drapey enough. It wouldn't gather well.

  11. I have never heard of a Dritz bound button hole maker! What a nifty little contraption! This is exactly why I love this hobby!

  12. Oh. my. goodness.  Your dogs are so unbelievably cute!  They look like muppets :)  There's been lots of talk of getting a little dog in our house soon, but we need one that will get along with kitties.  I'm totally intrigued by the idea of a welt pocket maker, if it exists.  Sounds like the stuff of fairytales.

  13. My suggestion for a canine addition is to adopt a slightly older small dog, over two years old, and definitely NOT a terrier. Terriers can be a little prey focussed, and if the dog is a little older their enthusiasm is tempered and they would be less likely to torment the cats. 

  14. And the "heavens engulfing me" as you found 2 vintage notions...truly a gift along with that fabric! One day I found 2 yards of cashmere wool on eBay for $12. I bid, won and then discovered that the seller was 7 miles from my front door and there was no shipping charge if I picked it up. Some days are like that...they are worth celebrating! My husband reads my blog and tells me I should have left stuff out....I try to ignore him.

  15. Cashmere for $12 and no shipping! You win. Why does he think you should leave stuff out? Clearly he doesn't understand the thrill of buying fabric cheap, or expensive for that matter.