Saturday, June 2, 2012

mental meandering

I have been busy going to the gym and feeling guilty about (in no particular order) not blogging, the disaster that is my house, the disaster that is my garden, eating too much, not walking my dogs, not giving the dogs their manis and pedis, not commenting on as many blogs as I should etc. You would be surprised how much time the guilt can eat up. So that is why I have been incognito lately.

Going to the gym is going well, if you call being in pain being well 8-D. The upside is I have been sleeping better (completely comatose once I touch the bed) and my depression is much improved. Hmm, depression improved, that sounds like I am more depressed, does it not? To be clear, I am feeling better. I have also noticed my default setting of stressed out is no longer, I feel much more relaxed, which is good. I do want to know where the energy is that all the experts say you get from exercising. They are all liar liar pants on fire.

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was going to review one of my many sewing books every Monday. Monday has come and gone, twice. I have discovered it is only fun to review a book if you don't like it and you get to be snarky. If you do like it, the way that I like Sewing Lingerie That Fits by Karen Morris, published by Taunton Press, you come off sounding like a fawning sycophant who is trying to get free stuff from Taunton Press. Taunton Press, if you read this, let me know if it will work, I will do it for free stuff, like a lifetime subscription to Threads or any of your videos. Just sayin. Anyway, got sidetracked. The book is great, I love it, you should buy it, if you find it cheap enough.

There has been sewing happening. I know, shocking.

I made a Sorbetto to sleep in cause I love the first one so much. I have sleeping in tie dyed mens vee neck XL t-shirts for so long The Husband went into shock. I used a white cotton sheet that I found buried in the linen closet (why do I have a brand new double white top sheet, I asked myself? myself didn't know), and I used purchased vintage bias trim for the neck. I used the plaid bias because I didn't want white, and I also didn't feel like changing the thread in the sewing machine. S (aka rubber duck PJ friend) found that amusing and said I should write about that in my blog, I told her sewists would find nothing funny about that because anyone would do the same thing if the circumstances were similar. Am I right? Of course I am. I lengthened the top to upper thigh length, any longer and I twist myself into a cocoon while sleeping.  Once again I serged a rolled edge for the hem. Wore it to bed last night and slept like the dead. Perfect. Success. Wheeee!!!

Today I washed the above Sorbetto, and lo and behold, the vintage bias binding is falling apart, and will have to be replaced one day Soon. See.

I made a skirt formerly known as The Tablecloth Skirt for S (aka rubber duck pj friend), I found some great fabric in the $2 section at the evil empire of Fabricland. It looks just like denim but it is quite lightweight and perfect for twirling. There was a flaw running about 10 inches from the selvage along the lengthwise grain for about 2 1/2 feet (that is why it was in the $2 meter section, notice my freewheeling use of metric and imperial measurements?).  Because S is quite a bit shorter than I, I started with a 45" inch square (perfect for working around the flaw, I am so clever), and I think the panels ended up being 13" after hemming.  S likes it too. Another success.  Wheeee!!!

Notice Barney trying to figure out what is hanging in his tree. 
S isn't up to modeling the skirt today, her fibromyaglia is acting up.

I actually wore my skirt formerly known as etc out in public last weekend. No one pointed and laughed and  no children cried so I obviously didn't look too weird in it. It is one voluminous skirt. I drive a Smart car and if the skirt was any bigger it wouldn't fit inside. Yes, I am exaggerating, but I did have to wrap the skirt around me to get it and me in the car. After making S's skirt, I realize the fabric I used for mine is just a little too heavy, a lighter fabric definitely works better. I may take the waistband off mine and try taking some of the bulk out of the waist. I might not though, I hate alterations.

There is more!

I also made a Vogue 7907, a OOP (but still available through the Vogue website) Marcy Tilton jacket. It is some kind of taffeta type fabric that I felt would make a nice Minoru, the fabric looked like it would make a good rain jacket, but unfortunately it decided not to act like it. So I made this jacket instead. I am on the fence about it. I like the shape, but the fabric really isn't drapey enough, and the jacket is noisy to wear. I think I will file it in the magic closet for awhile. I will probably love it one day.

Sorry about the shadows on the photos, it turns out the way to get the sun to break through the clouds is to plan to photograph clothing outside.

Finally. The End.


  1. My attitude abut pj's is that they get to fray & still be worn. There's something sexy about old frayed pj's. Really. But then, not even being in a relationship, what do I know? Nevermind.

    I'm happy to hear that you're feeling better. Exercise is good stuff. Really. This one you can believe me on :)

  2. Yay, post! Yay good sewing books! (you could always review only the bad ones, I suppose...) Yay reduced depression and anxiety!

    Also, lots of fun sewing. Pity about the plaid bias tape, though, it looks so awesome.

  3. Ooooh, sewing! I miss sewing. I mean, I am sewing for others, but I miss sewing for me. I have been living vicariously through blogs for a while. I like the sorbetto, and I really like your jacket. I hope you grow to like it too. And, though I *really* don't need new books now, I will keep that lingerie book in mind for the future.

  4. Amazing how a little endorphin action can improve the mental outlook! Although I've often thought how fiscally weathy I'd be if I got paid to feel guilty. No matter. I was actually thinking the other day how nice a sobetto would be as a pj top - I attempted to make one a few months back and couldn't get a fit I liked, but the loose-ness of it would be great for sleeping in! I love taffeta too, but also find it too 'noisy' to wear. Shame, really!

  5. Hey Elle, I have a top that needs a time out in the magic closet also. Maybe it can hang out with your jacket. So, glad to hear you're feeling well. Amazing what exercise can do for our well being.

    I love the pretty vintage trim on your Sorbetto top. A pity it frayed! The hubby's T-shirts are about as sexy as I get.

    I've been a bad blogger and not posted about the award you awarded to me..... I will soonly!

  6. Old frayed well worn pjs are one thing, brand new crisp frayed pjs are another. I love well worn clothes.

  7. I am completely certain I will love the jacket, a week or two will do it.

  8. I have to admit the Sorbetto doesn't fit me as well as I would like, but as I am sleeping in it, I don't care. The exercise and diet changes will start to show soon and I see no point in trying to fit my body right now. 

  9. It took me quite a while to post about the award once it was given to me too. No problem, they are supposed to be fun, not a duty, right?

  10. I'm glad you're feeling better and that exercising is helping with  your depression and moods. Love the Sorbetto top!

  11. Exercise is the best....but I don't know how people exercise and still have all the energy to sew, blog, work, et cetera.  Of course, if I wasn't getting up at ass crack 'o dawn to work out then it might actually help with my energy levels.  

    Love the plaid trim!  Such a pity it frayed, but I really can't see a thing in the photo.  In any case, frayed cotton pajamas are comfortable and bohemian so pour yourself some hooch and pretend you're a wartime Waste Not, Want Not lady.  

  12. I am considering the deterioration of the bias a good thing, I think the stuff has to be in the area of 50-60 years old, and I have some more of the same vintage. I am glad I discovered this without using it for something that really matters. This will be an easy one to fix.

  13. Yes I use 'contrast' thread so I don't have to change the darn thing.  I mean, really its not hard to change thread but still I avoid it.  Glad I'm not the only one.

    Bedsheets make the best pjs for summer.  They do.  And thanks for reminding me as I have a few spare sets languishing in the cupboard I'm sure.  I like your sorbetto PJs, with the frayed binding.  who'll know anyway until it falls off and that's a way off. Just call it a vintage design feature added by your clever self and continue to sleep well.

    About blogging my to do list, should call it 'will sew' list, I don't because hell I'm the slowest sewist in the entire world so why bore everyone with stuff that won't happen for an age.  So of course that makes it a good idea for everyone else.