Friday, June 22, 2012

They're Here!

The patterns that I ordered from BMV in May when they had their sale on, finally arrived. These were the patterns that prompted my breakup letter to Fabricland. I ordered them on May 19, I received notice that they shipped them on May 24, and I just got them today, June 22.

I'm not complaining, really I am not, this is more of a cautionary tale for my fellow Canucks. If you want and or need your patterns quickly, don't order online, or order far in advance. Considering the Canadian Price for a Vogue is minimum $3 more here than in the US, and Fabricland's best deal is half price, I really couldn't afford to buy this many patterns any other way. It isn't like I can sew any of them right now anyway, now that I am on my way to becoming a thin gorgeous supermodel. That all of you will be jealous of, oh yes, I know you will.

Now I can fondle them, and talk to them and tell them what they are going to be when they grow up. I get to visit the stash closet and fantasize about what fabric I am going to use for what pattern. Such fun.

Do you want to see them? Of course you do.

McCalls 6511-I love the piecing on this one. I probably could have figured it out myself, but it was $1.99.
Vogue 8810-is exactly the style of dress that works on my body, I like the different views

Vogue 8620 and 8690, what can I say? I worship at the altar of the Tiltons.

Vogue 8793-another Tilton, I love this top. Love.
Vogue 8804-The Claire Shaeffer Chanel jacket. When I am at goal, I will make this and it will be my present to myself.

Last but not least. Vogue 1277-I think I will start this in the fall, a winter coat can be oversized.
I am going to make this entirely from my stash.

Something else found a home with me this week. I had resisted buying this book, because, I admit, I have more sewing books than I need, and Colette patterns are more body conscious than I am comfortable wearing right now. After making the Sorbetto several times, I became a fan of Sarai's and as I am losing weight and getting fit, the patterns won't be totally ridiculous on me when I am done.

I am going to make this blouse this summer, it is so cute and I don't care if it won't fit for long.
I am really glad I did get this book, it is one of the best books with patterns the best book with patterns included that I have seen. The pattern are not just 4 sizes like some out there, and the photography and descriptions are outstanding. I really can't recommend this book highly enough.


  1. You have two of my favorite patterns in there :)  (can you guess which ones?)   Enjoy!

  2. Wow, that is a long wait, but you got some good patterns there!

  3. Yay! Glad you got them. Question about shipping: is it just that customs holds the stuff for so long? Because I've shipped stuff to/from the UK and not had to wait more than a week to get it (or have them get it). ??? I'm just curious as to what could possibly be slowing the shipping down, since it's not like there's an ocean or anything between us.

    I would be terribly jealous of your supermodel thin body, but I hope to have one of those of my own that I'll be too busy admiring to notice anyone else's. ;-) So here's to both of us achieving our weightloss goals! :-)

  4. I think I got that figured out. 8-D

  5. I was getting very concerned that they had got lost in the mail. Of course I am on the left side of the country. I am just please they arrived.

  6. I think the problem is Canada Post, I have had stuff mailed from the UK arrive in 4 days, when I ship there it takes 3 weeks minimum. 

    Part of the reason I am posting about it, is so I will be too embarrassed to quit. 

  7. You are so much more ambitious with your pattern choices than me! I'm stuck in such a rut.

    Can't wait to see some of these made up (no matter what size)...

    I'm glad you did finally get these patterns. Here, Vogue Patterns are about $30. Which is about three times the minimum hourly wage :-(

  8. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  9. Good pattern choices, Elle. I recently purchased the red Claire Schaffer jacket pattern. We shoul do a mini SAL when we have reached our goal weights.

    I bought the Collette book recently also, because I want to make the Taffy blouse! Another mini SAL??

    Have you seen Jilly Be's gorgeous version of the Koos coat?

  10. I love the Tilton patterns too, but I have yet to try any of them!  I think they are what I want to dress in about 20 years from now -- the dramatic art professor look.  Now I'm thinking I ought to stockpile. Hmm.....

    That shipping is ridiculous.  I have had things reach me from Singapore in less time.  But then, everybody rails about Canada Post so maybe that's it.  

  11. I am you 20 years from now. Funny. 

    Hmm, Canada Post -bad. Universal Health Care-good. I'll take the crappy mail any day. 8-D

  12. It was Jilly's posts about the making of her Koos that made me believe I could do it too. I am sure she had ulterior motives and needed someone to fail so she could feel awesome. No, Jilly. I don't mean that. Kidding of course.

    That is so funny that we have purchased a few of the same things. Too funny.

  13. Oh, I am sure that my reach exceeds my grasp, but I am going to try anyway, you are probably far more sensible than I. Where are you?

  14. Great patterns! and I almost bought the Collette pattern book in Powells last week. It really does look fabulous. I was worried about my weight limit for my luggage, or it might have come home with me too

  15. I called Vogue once and asked why it took so long to send patterns to Canada. They actually ship from Ontario and I live in Ontario, so I was confused. The lady on the phone said they only ship international orders once a week. I have to do the same as you though - put up with it because the alternative is to pay a lot more at Fabricland. I love your pattern choices though, really nice. And I have the Colette book too. I highly recommend it. I'll check out your other blog too. 

  16. The other blog is boring. even I think so, but I am finding it helpful to put it "out" there. Keeps me honest, and on track.