Saturday, April 14, 2012


In my post from yesterday, I think some people may have misunderstood me, I hope to make clear what I meant with the following two points. 

2. It bugs me that there are sewing bloggers out there with a large number of followers and you never ever see them commenting on other sewing blogs, so I have stopped reading their blogs. Does this bug you too?

9. Do you think it is bad manners not to comment on comments made on your blog?

The easier one first.

9. I am not judging anyone who doesn't comment on each and every comment made on their blog, I usually do and when I don't I feel like I am being rude. I am Canadian and we are just grown that way.  I heard a joke once that "Canadians apologize to mail boxes when they bump into them". It is kinda true.

2. This one takes a little more explaining. I don't expect anyone to comment on my blog, ever. However it really makes my day when someone does, and I am truly grateful for each and every comment.  There are a few bloggers out there who do really great work, and get a ton of comments and compliments (and rightly so). However, there are a few that I have never seen a comment from on anyone's blog, ever, and I read a lot of blogs.  I really want to be clear, it isn't that they don't comment on my blog, it is that they don't appear to comment on any blog.

IMHO there are several kinds of sewing bloggers. There is the kind that I am, no great amount of skill, great taste (goes without saying, notice no smiley face) and no tutorials, I make stuff and say look at this and that is about it. Then there is Carolyn, Shams and Gertie and many others who make awesome clothes and wardrobes and instruct and inspire us. These kind of bloggers contribute (again IMO) a ton to the online sewing community, if they never participated in the online sewing community other than their blogs, so what. They have earned it. It is when it is the kind of blogger that makes something, does a post on it, gets a ton of comments and compliments and then doesn't pay it forward that bugs me. It makes me feel used. Maybe they do comment on blogs that I don't see, maybe my cold is making me bitchy, maybe I'm wrong.  I know we all can't comment on every single blog post we read, but come on, every now and then.  Anyway, my point was if someone doesn't support other sewists, I am not going to support them.  I don't expect anyone else to feel the same way.

Thank you for reading and commenting LOL 8-)  !!!  Yes, that is me being sarcastic. Have a good weekend.

Edited April 16,2012

Okay Ladies (for some of you I use that term loosely, you know who you are), 
I have to eat my words on #2 oops, sounds really wrong. There were three bloggers I was specifically referring to, and just yesterday I found comments from two of them on a few blogs. So I  offer my apologies to these two bloggers, even though they and no one else knows who they are. I am removing the negativity that I sent in to the world with them in mind. When I am done typing this I will be doing the dance of apology, which consists of a middle aged woman with short hair standing straight up wearing mock Crocs and a clashing bath robe holding a struggling Paperanian, dancing while believing she actually has rhythm and coordination. 


  1. Elle, I can attest to Canadians being nice - I am married to one. His whole family is nice. In fact, all of my Canadian family and friends are nice people.

    I get your point and agree.

  2. Ah, the joy of clarifications. I share the Canadian desire to be excessively nice to everyone...

    the only "bigger" blogs I've never seen comments from are ones I don't follow terribly closely/probably don't overlap with a huge amount of the readership, so I guess I've always assumed they were commenting *somewhere*, just nowhere I read...

  3. I see what you mean, Elle. Lately I have found myself reading fewer blogs, partly because I just don't have the time and partly because some bloggers are not talking that much about sewing.

  4. Don't worry about being misunderstood; we all have our own ways of operating and doing what we can; and for what it's worth I "got" everything you mentioned. I would like to think most Australians follow that politeness thing, I was sure brought up that you treated others as you wished to be treated yourself!
    Thank you for those lovely words, you are so kind.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I love this tunic or is it the linen that I love? I wanted something cute yet stylish and this pattern worked out well. There are soooo many tunic pattaerns out there.

  6. I comment on my own comments, because I like to think of blogging as a conversation! As such, I do read blogs where the person doesn't interact much with other bloggers, but I'm less likely to comment on his/her blog.

    However, I can empathize with people who don't have much time to comment, especially when their blog is very popular. I can be away from the blogosphere for a couple days and everything just BLOWS UP, and I imagine it's worse when you're trying to keep up with fifty or a hundred blogs.

  7. Apropos of absotively nothing...I was raised mostly in NW Montana, and one of my (many) fond memories was "Canada Days", when all the Canadians crossed the border & raised havoc & got (very) drunk & made a mess & everyone loved it because they spent lots of money in the bars.

    And then they went home & got all nice again. ;~D

    Oh, & I always loved our (frequent) trips crossing the border in the other direction. I have nothing but fondness for all things Canadian.

  8. I just tell myself - linen is supposed to wrinkle, otherwise I'll worry about the wrinkling.

  9. Hi Elle! I found out about your blog via Shams, and have to say I'm not disappointed in what I've read so far. I think we can agree on lots of things! Especially dressing vintage/retro. Born in 1955 and having been a teen in the 60s and 70s, I have no desire to dress like we're back there again.
    I've been blogging for nearly 10 months, and it's taken a long time to build up much of a following. Maybe that's because I don't reply to all of the comments on my blog. Some of the comments I get are rather short, like "very nice!", so I don't have much to say except thank you. But if someone puts more effort in a comment, I try to continue the conversation.
    Thanks for writing about this. It has helped me see I could show more gratitude!

    1. I was trying to explain to a friends daughter the other day, why it isn't always the best idea to wear vintage if you were around for it the first time. I said it can look like you never stopped wearing it at all Not good. Some people can pull it off and look good, I am afraid I would just look weird. I have been checking in on your blog for a while now, but I promise I will read regularly and comment. Smiley Face.

      PS-thank you for the compliment.

  10. I missed the Dance of Apology!? Rats, if I'd gotten that on video I'd be youtube-famous by now! ;)

  11. From the description, your dance of apology sounds frighteningly like my samba of seduction, but substituting an elongated hound and jodphurs.....

  12. some good points here. Commenting on comments is curious because (from what I gather) you have to subscribe to follow-up comments. I try to comment on bloggers who comment on my posts but time is sometimes hard to find!

  13. i've found that commenting and engaging in a discussion with the other blogs out here is a great way to, firstly, make new "acquaintances" in the blog space, but also to cultivate new visitors to one's own site. it's all part of what each of us does to create a community instead of an echo chamber, right?

    i mean, sometimes it's hard (and unnecessary) to comment on every blog post you read in a day, so i try to actually have something i want to share before i hit the publish button. some days this is easier than others. :-)

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  15. I seldom comment on the comments on my blog because, comments notwithstanding, I persist in believing no one reads my blog. So I go to the commenters' blogs and try to think up something to say and leave it where it will be seen.

    Incidentally, I just found your blog because you threatened to hit Tanit-Isis upside the head. Nice my foot!

    (Comment modified to be more polite.) <--Comment on comment on commenting.