Friday, April 13, 2012


a photo from last summer

I feel the need to ramble and rant a little today. No sewing happening here, fighting a cold and an infected hang nail, ugh.

1. It bugs me when people write a post with LOL at the end of every sentence. If something you wrote is funny, I don't need to be told.

2. It bugs me that there are sewing bloggers out there with a large number of followers and you never ever see them commenting on other sewing blogs, so I have stopped reading their blogs. Does this bug you too?

3. I feel like the only person that doesn't want to sew or wear vintage clothing. I appreciate the beauty of them, but they feel a bit costume-y on me. I suspect this may be an age related thing.

4. We are finally experiencing something resembling Spring! It seems like we had a really long winter.

5.  I just joined a gym. This is huge. Seriously. Huge. I have never joined a gym before. The place is a all in one kind of place, there is a 50 meter lap pool, three water slides, a Flowrider (you can learn to surf on this thing), a wave pool, a 12000 square foot strength and cardio center. I have been swimming badly for 5 out of the last 7 days, my plan is to get used to the water and swimming and in a month start weight training. I have noticed my stress level and depression is/are waaaay down. Awesome.

6. I read blogs on Bloglovin', love it, it is so easy to keep up with all of them. Too many of them. I just updated the blogs I follow so as to make sure that I am following everyone who is following me. See #2 above.  I think I had missed only one.

7.  I know Sunday it is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, but enough already with the TV documentaries or docudramas, whatever. Stop.

8.  I have to get a new job and I will need clothes, so I am trying to come up with a SWAP. I have almost no clothes for a business environment. I find it so much easier to buy a workable wardrobe, for some reason I tend to sew randomly, making a bunch of unrelated stuff, none of which works together. I am finding this really difficult.

9. Do you think it is bad manners not to comment on comments made on your blog?

10. When the fack will Fabricland have their annual pattern sale, there are some Vogue's I need desperately. As well as some McCalls and Simplicitys. I wish I lived closer to the US border so I could make a short trip to a Joann's to stock up during their more frequent sales.

Not quite a rant. But close enough. That's all folks.


  1. 1) Guilty as charged. Oops!
    2) Eh, I'm mostly ambivalent about it.
    3) I'm not big on vintage clothing either, I like to look at it, and I think other people look nice in it, but it's not for me. (Opinion subject to change without notice.)
    8) I think SWAPs are really hard too, I tried one this year, but it ended up being a fail.
    9) depends. Sometimes there just isn't anything left to say. However, when it seems like someone is intentionally ignoring you, I feel like it's rude.
    10) I have no idea. I can't even seem to hit a Jo-Ann's sale without major planning. However, BMV is having a $4.99 sale on Vogue patterns until tomorrow or the next day. HTH!

    1. 1. you are not guilty, of this. At least you are not who I was referring to (bad grammar, don't care).

      Thank you for playing.

  2. Yay, a rant!

    1) I probably do that. I definitely overuse :) and things.

    2) I dunno. Never really thought about it. The whole "comment when someone comments on you" etiquette kinda breaks down when you have that many people making comments---I'd almost rather they stayed silent than played favourites.

    3)I wouldn't worry too much about it. Make & wear what makes you happy. I feel pretty costumey in a lot of my "vintage" pattern stuff---I still spend day-to-day in jeans and a tee shirt. ;)

    4) congratulations! We just got 4" of snow.

    5) Yay! I hope you have fun there. I was a much saner and more balanced person when I was getting proper excercise...

    6) I use Google Reader, which I find pretty good although not pretty. And I found a button for my browser so one click puts a blog right into the reader. This is kinda dangerous.

    7)This is why I don't watch TV. The blogged dresses are pretty, though.

    8) So do you *want* to sew business clothes? The idea appeals to me but it's not everyone's bag. Do you have a colour scheme in mind? A list of items to include?

    9)I think responding to your comments is completely up to you as a blogger. That being said, I much enjoy it when people do, which is why I started doing it pretty much all the time on my blog. I know some people prefer to leave a response on the commenter's blog rather than on their own blog, to be sure the commenter will see it. I like it when a blog becomes a conversation, not just a list of compliments---but that's my personal preference, not a matter of rules or etiquette, as far as I can tell.

    10) I never actually buy patterns at Fabricland, so I really have no idea. Seriously, I've bought, maybe three? there since I re-started sewing?

    11) can you tell it's Friday afternoon and I'm bored?

    1. 1. Nope wasn`t you.
      2. I know what you mean, obviously you can`t comment on every single post you read, but I have never seen a comment from the ones I am referring to.
      4. When we lived in the Yukon we had snow on July 4 and August 15. Not the same year, thank Goddess. Does that make you feel betterÉ
      8. Yeah I do, I haven`t worn business attire for a long time and I am stuck on what I need. There will likely be a whiny post soon on this very subject.
      9. I like the conversation too. Again, it isn`t necessary to comment on every comment, but some seems friendly.
      11. Yes.

    2. You lived in the Yukon? I'm planning a move up there soon myself! I'm terrified. Mostly because I'm a prairie girl through and through, and the thought of mountains sort of scare the tar out of me. How did you like it?

  3. 1. Hmm, it would bother me, but I haven't noticed. I actually go through my posts and remove contractions, I rely on them too much in first babble but it probably gives me a more formal feel than will fit with an lol.
    2. It does not bother me, but I think I'd start hyperventilating if Gertie was to comment on my blog. I just don't expect it. Mind you, I've also sent excited emails to my husband that "I"M MAKING INTERNET FRIENDS" when new people comment on my blog or send me an email.
    3. I like vintage dresses, I was being teased by my husband that I oohed and ahed over the costumes in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes but I go to TOWN making fun of a Miami Vice episode. There is a disconnect between what I like and what I wear, I don't think those full skirts really do much for my waist.
    5. Wow that sounds awesome. I worked and learned to swim in a 23m pool, first time I swam in a 50m pool it felt like forever until I hit the wall. I came to like it, going back to 25m felt like a lot of flip turns.
    8. Work is business casual for me, most dresses work well, tops are good depending on the fabric and collar. I have tried to buy fabric strategically, picking things that would go with black pants or a skirt in my closet. I don't think I'm a SWAP kind of person though. I get distracted and sew too slow. One project at a time.
    9. I feel it is your blog and your turf, you get to set the rules. I don't find it rude at all but I will go back to comments I made for people who tend to reply and I read without commenting more on those who don't. If I had 100 comments to every post, I wouldn't, this isn't a full time job. But for the handful of comments I do get, I like adding a reply to show it was important to me. Tasia seems to balance with a scattering of clarifications or answering questions.
    10. I'm with Tanit-Isis. I'm not much of a pattern collector. Although I did download a crap ton of Lekala when they put two sizes up free and I've sewn about 3 of them.

    11. It's 5pm and I've had my first trip to the bathroom. Where the hell did today go?
    12. I love lists and ramblings from time to time, reading yours makes me feel like my ramblings are legitimate posts too.

    1. 2. I agree, if Gertie commented on my blog I would likely have to be revived by EMT`s. Although I was tickled pink when Urbandon commented, I felt like I was one of the cool kids.
      12. I like your ramblings too, it seemed like a good way to get stuff off my chest, so I copied you.

    2. Tee hee... now I feel special. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  4. Hi Elle, I am Andrea - nice to "meet" you. I have to comment on #1. Exclamation point abuse. It slays me. I just can not take it. There, I said it. I am so glad I got that off my chest.

    And #5? Sounds really nice. I want one where I live. {Whine.}

    One more - #8 Congrats on the new job. My brain does not think in SWAP terms, but I wish you success with that and the new job.


    1. Nice to meet you too. No exclamation point. LOL. Aren't I funny?

      #8-unfortunately I don't have a new job, yet. Just getting ready to get a real job.

      #5-here is a link to the gym, it cost millions, our city had a referendum, I of course voted yet. It is an awesome place.


  5. I am now annoyed because you have just written the post that I have been meaning to write for a while now (although I have a slightly different ranty list).

    Not replying to comments - don't worry about it. If I felt that it was necessary to reply to every comment on my blog I'd never leave a comment on anyone elses' blog because I'd feel I was asking them to reply, and then I'd have to reply to the reply, and then it'd just get silly!

  6. Hi LC! Thanks for the link to your blog. I've only read this post so far, but be assured, I'll keep reading. Here are my 2 pennies worth:

    1. Agreed... wholeheartedly. I'm pretty tired of the whole LOL thing. If it's funny, I'll laugh.
    2. I've discovered that there are an awful lot of "lurkers" out there; I'm guilty of it myself at times. I read a lot of blogs, but I don't comment on a lot of them. If people comment on my blog, I'll make it a point to check out their blog and leave a thank you.
    4. Isn't this weather awesome? I agree; it's about time. Now, if only I could get the kid next door to shut up (she's a screamer and at times sounds like a wild animal in full-on mating mode).
    6. Bloglovin? This is something I must check out. I've been using Sage Feeds.
    7. Amen!
    9. Commenting on comments left on your blog? Well, for a long time I don't think you even could on Blogger. Apparently, that's changed. It depends on the comment; if the commenter is asking a question, I'll either answer their comment or I'll answer their question in a subsequent blog post.
    10. All I can add is TGIF. I'm so ready for the weekend.

  7. 1. I always find myself going back and deleting :D and :) and stuff like that. :D
    3. I don't really sew vintage either. I own a couple patterns, but can't be bothered to alter it the way I'd need to, and they're just not my style at all. I love seeing what others make, though!
    5. Your gym sounds amazing! I'm maybe a little jealous.
    8. I had originally planned to sew all of my work wardrobe, but that's just not practical right now. I'm learning that having base RTW work wardrobe and then working pieces that I want to sew into it is much better for me. Especially since I can't really sew pants right now. :) And this way I'm not stuck having to sew the work horse garments I'm not interested in making in my very limited sewing time. Whatever you wind up doing, I'm looking forward to you working through it!
    9. I'm hit and miss on this. I like responding to comments, but I always wonder if people are actually going to come back and see them. Because I know I rarely go back and check to see if someone responded to my comments on their blog. I wish blogger was like livejournal, where you get email notifications when someone responds to your comment.

    I really enjoyed the list (pseudo) rant! I may have to steal the format sometime in the future.

  8. 1. I have a problem with overuse of smileys, and often try to delete a few.
    2. I just started following you recently, not realizing, for awhile, that you had a blog. So maybe you mean me. Oops.
    3. DITTO.
    5. What a nice gym! I'd love to join something like that, but the nasty gyms near me do not entice.
    7. Thanks to TiVO, I am unaware of things like that.
    8. Congrats on the job! To take the stress off yourself, buy a few things. Then start to fill in. No point in driving yourself nuts, especially as you will have less time.
    9. Not necessarily. I try to comment, but I don't comment on all. I can be inconsistent. I hope I haven't pissed people off.

    I hope you have a nice weekend. :)

    1. 1. i find smileys useful as I am told I am sarcastic (so true) and it can defuse my tone.
      2. Nope it isn't you, and to be clear it isn't that these particular people don't comment on my blog, it is that they don't comment on any that I have seen.
      9. That really was just a question, it doesn't bother me if other people don't comment on their comments. I am so grateful and surprised that anyone reads and comments I want to acknowledge them.
      Hope you have a nice weekend, and that work slows down soon for you, so you can sew and inspire us.

    2. You are so gracious, Elle. Thanks for putting my mind at rest. :)

      I hope you can make it to SF one day and we can meet up!

    3. If/when I get there I will let you know. I adore SF, one of my favorite places.

  9. 1. I'm finding myself pausing before lol's, deleting !!'s after putting them in, and wondering about :) :) :), but leaving them be anyway. All in all, there are too many lol's in the world, & not enough real life laughs (imho). Smile.
    2. Hey, I'm thrilled when ANYONE comments on my blog! Doesn't really bother me if any of the 'popular kids' don't comment - if I like reading their blog, I'll keep reading.
    3. I really love some of the lovely features in some vintage clothing - necklines, especially, but it surprised me to discover how MANY sewers are really, really into vintage. As far as what someone chooses to wear....Eh. variety & the world going round & all that... That said..costumey looking? Yup...some of them, for sure.
    4. Yes! Spring! Yes! (note explanation points) (lol)
    5. Congrats! Swim on, & enjoy enjoy enjoy the stress-reducing benefits! I'm not a gym member, but I have been (long story) & loved it
    6. I consider it an honor when someone follows me, so I do try to acknowledge it & follow them back. But I'm behind, I know.
    7. I'm really good at ignoring what I don't want to hear or see ;-)
    8. Congrats on the job! It's a challenge for me to make wardrobey type matching stuff, but I really have learned the benefits, and I'm trying (when I am sewing) to be a little more SWAPy in my approach. Trying is the operative word.....
    9. I think it's very GOOD manners to comment on all of ones blog comments, but I don't think that not commenting translates to bad manners. It can get overwhelming, & I think some comments don't really call for a response. That said, if I have the time & energy, I do try to acknowledge most...if not all....comments. But my manners aren't really THAT good.
    10. I would be happy to stock up on patterns for you & send them off. Seriously! If the shipping, customes, & all that makes it worth it, let me know!

    Fun list!

    1. 1. I love smileys, I believe we smile a lot when reading blogs, but how many times do we really Laugh Out Loud.
      2.It bugs me because they are only contributing content, but not support to the online sewing community.
      10. Thank you for the offer, but my poor excuse for a fabric store will have them on sale soon. I really appreciate the offer.

  10. Like the above, I'll reply in a list too:
    1. I've been getting tired of lol's too lately so I try not to use them anymore., I still like smiley faces though :)
    2.YES! I always try to "return the commenting favour", so to speak, and the commenting 'black holes" (as I think of the ones who never comment back) REALLY bug me.
    3. So bored with the vintage trend. If I see another mad men inspired dress I think I will scream!
    4. hmmm, pass!
    5. enjoy!
    6. It is hard to keep up :)
    7. Seriously? I'm dying to watch all the specials this weekend!
    8. I reckon, sew what you love. If you don't *want* to sew a working wardrobe, you will resent every minute and not enjoy wearing it even once it is finished!
    9. I don't reply in my own comment section on my own blog, unless it is a direct question and that person doesn't have a blog for me to pay a reply visit, but I WILL visit that person's blog and reply to questions/leave a comment (unless I have already) I DO NOT have time to run back and check if people are replying to my comments on their own blog! Tickles me when I see people writing reply after reply on their own blogs; who has the time to go back to someone else's comment section a SECOND time?!
    Phew, sounds organised doesn't it? I find it good to have a system :)
    10. Have you considered joining the BMV Club? I've saved a bundle on patterns that way!

    1. 2. Thank you! Someone else who understands.
      7. We have been having Titanic shows for over a week already, if it was just one weekend, it would be okay. I think it is the North American way, if a couple of specials are good 20 must be even better.
      8. I will enjoy it, it is the planning that isn't fun.
      9. To each their own, see Tanit-Isis comment..
      10. For some reason I am resistant to doing this, I should just bite the bullet. Right? Right.

  11. Oh, I loves me a good rant! (No LOL, but perhaps gratuitous use of exclamation point.)

    1.Not fond of LOL, etc. or emoticons, but don't care if they're used by others, if the use is not egregious.

    2.I'd never stop reading someone’s blog because they didn't comment on mine. A few better-known bloggers do comment occasionally on mine, but, in most cases, we've actually met in person, so there's something a little more there than just Internet randomness.

    I don't even know how a blog writer with a hugely popular blog could possibly comment on many other blogs. I'd never hold it against them if they were spending their time on content, rather than commenting.

    I have a very hard time just getting posts up on my own blog, due to time constraints. I feel very fortunate when I manage to simply read other blogs. I see more blogs now that I use an RSS feeder and read them on my tablet, but it's virtually impossible to comment on the tablet.

    If I want to comment after reading my RSS feed, I have to find another computer, remember which blog it was, find the post, and then make the comment. That's a pretty stunning investment of time. Also, my memory isn't what it should be, so I don't always remember which posts inspired a response.

    Blogger is also a huge impediment to commenting. On some blogs (like yours, ElleC) the comment box doesn't show up automatically.

    Then there's the fact that Blogger often swallows my comments after I've labored over them, or the comment box won't show in the first place even if scripting is enabled, etc. Especially when time is short, that's a real disincentive to comment. Have I mentioned that I hate Blogger? This comment is huge; if Blogger chews it up, I'm going to be really, really annoyed.

    Also, if a blog requires some form of signing-up, or social media, to allow people to comment, I won't (and can't) comment. I don't do social media, and no way am I signing up for unwanted, unnecessary accounts. But I assume that's OK with the blog writer.

    3.Love some vintage style, love modern comfort.To each his (or her) own. As I'm aging, I'm also developing a "so what if it's a costume"? philosophy. Or maybe it's a "why shouldn't I wear exactly what I want to wear?" philosophy. Power to the eccentric, that's my mantra.

    5.Truly awesome! Water sounds like your perfect health/exercise/quality of life medium!

    7.No TV = better quality of life.In my opinion.

    8.Love the idea of a business wardrobe plan.Love the idea of a business wardrobe that just gets pulled out of the closet like a set of uniforms. Workdays are not enhanced by fussing about which outfit should be put together. Make 'em mix-and-match, and make life easy at 7 AM. Also, if you sew it, it will fit.

    9.No, I don't think it's bad manners not to comment on a comment left on my blog (or anyone else's). However, since Blogger began making my life miserable, I am making a concerted effort to reply to each and every one on mine, since sometimes I just can't comment on others'. I'm not confused, though; if I got any more comments than I do, this would be impossible.

    As in No. 2, I don't see how the most active bloggers could even dream of doing this. They're making the choice to put their energy into content, and I doubt there's much time or energy to spare, especially if they have day jobs, as most of the ones I read do.

    I really do enjoy comments, and the discussion, but the bottom line for me is this: I write my blog for me, and to incidentally share things that might be helpful or inspiring to others.

    But that kind of sharing is a gift, and, as with any other gift, I expect nothing in return. If I get something (a comment), that's a wonderful plus. If the purpose of my blog was to get comments, or to garner attention in general, I'd have given it up long ago. Those just aren't primary motivators for me.

  12. 1. I haven't figured out how to make smilies. Another blog mystery. If I have to tell you I'm kidding, you probably are too offended to read on!
    2. Sometimes I don't know what to say, but I feel like I keep circling the cool. Kids and never a prom invite.
    3.I live and work in the town thatt quirk forgot. If I get too frisky, they'll put me in the stocks
    4. In the south we have 15 minutes of spring....missed it
    5.gym? Um....does it have a snack bar?
    6. Internet explorer at work....slows my following done horribly!?
    7. In honor of the anniversary, we went out for icees
    8. I wear mud brown scrubs, thank the Lord! I'd hate to buy adult clothes!
    9. It depend on the situation, if you ignore all but the cool kids, that's not cool
    10. I wish we had a fabricland!

  13. 2. You are one of the cool kids.
    3. I live in a white bread homogeneous small city where all the women aspire to be human Barbies, with fake blonde hair, fake tan, fake nails, fake teeth, fake boobs, fake nose, high heels and skin tight jeans. Seriously I was in the grocery store one day and there was 6 women that fit the same description. Scary.
    5. Yes it does.
    10. Our Canadian Fabricland is not worth your envy. Ask any of my fellow Canadians. However, if you are referring to a country called Fabricland, I am in.

  14. (Apparently this post was too long. Here is Part I)

    Hi! Found your blog recently (via comment on my blog) but has taken me a few days to find time to check it out (with all the blog awards swirling around I seem to have bookmarked a lot of new ones to read, but haven't found much time for doing so), but I am enjoying it very much so far! I already saw the subsequent post, but figured it would be more fun to comment here...

    1. Agree. Sometimes is ok, all the time is too much. Though I do find I overuse parenthesis and ellipsis myself. I blame my love of epic fantasy novels - whatever I am, brief isn't it.

    2. I am on the fence about this one (and, I do know you clarified in a later post). I agree that some of the large-scale bloggers with literally thousands of followers really can't be expected to be commenting on everyone's posts, and I am sure their large fan-base would prefer they spend time creating more posts themselves so we can all enjoy their efforts. Also, there are so many sewing blogs out there that it might sometimes be hard to find where comments are being made. And, just because I enjoy reading someone else's blog doesn't mean they would be interested to read mine - which I totally accept and am fine with. I can't really know their life/schedule, so I don't really judge a blogger by how many comments they leave. I know personally there are some blogs where I always comment, some blogs where I sometimes comment, and some that I always read but never comment. I have been trying to figure out why - I think for some of them it is intimidation (like, their stuff is so amazing but in its amazingness I am left speechless), or maybe I just don't feel like I have a worthwhile comment to contribute. On other blogs I feel like I am geeking out with an old friend. I do find I usually read a blog for a while before I feel confident leaving a comment though, but maybe just a quirk of mine. Oh, and on a somewhat unrelated vein, sometimes when people are on trips, etc. it is a lot easier to post or schedule automatic posts but hard to get access to other blogs because of lack of internet (I know I have this problem a lot in summer when I am at skating meets), so they look like they are ignoring everyone but it isn't always the case. Anyway, that was a long ramble. Stupid epic novels...

    3. No interest in making vintage clothes here either. Not age related. Or, well, if it is age related, then 80s clothing sucked anyway so why would I want to sew it? Actually, early 90s was not good either. I do like early 70s coats, and I like looking at 50s and 60s style dresses, but I couldn't imagine wearing them in everyday life. Special occasions, yes. Day to day, no.

    4. January and February were hot and dry. Now it is cold and raining. Go figure.

    5. I don't go to the gym - all my "exercise" money goes to skating (practice fees, lessons, costumes, skate parts). But, aside from sewing (which can get stressful sometimes) exercise/skating is a really good way to de-stressify.

  15. (Part II)

    6. I should probably find out more about this Bloglovin'. Blog reading has become an obsession this past year. Management tools would be nice.

    7. I waited until the 15th and just watched them all in one go. I still find it fascinating. People stories are interesting to me, and engineering/science stories are interesting to me. I watch too much History Channel. Well, too much TV in general. Usually I am hand sewing or eating while I watch stuff though, so maybe that counts for something?

    8. Do you want to sew these things? I tend to like making jackets and pants, and I have problems finding ones in stores. However, last year I had 2 weeks to find a navy blazer, so shopping it was. Now that was a funny experience. We went to an outlet shop and they ask what size I was - I said probably 14-18 (going off of sewing pattern sizes, I am really a 10/12 top and 16/18 bottom, but with FBA needed, so I figured 16 would be a good starting point), and it took all of my will power to not say 40 or 42 (I just think in Burda sizes now, is that a problem?). Anyway, I went through about 6 pantsuits and we finally found one that fit. It was an 8. What the...? Anyway, I can totally understand buying a work wardrobe, especially if you need it sooner rather than later. It is just a very different experience than sewing one, for sure.

    9. I think it depends on the comments and other things. I try to respond to questions or some comments where there is some sort of ability for dialoge, but I don't always have time to respond (though I do read all the comments and appreciate them). I always love getting compliments (who doesn't?) but I am not good about going back and saying "thank you." Usually I am more inclined to leave a comment on their next project post instead, where I think it would be more appreciated instead of a comment they probably won't see on my own blog.

    10. Sounds like me waiting for a Burda sale. They happen like, maybe two or three times a year and when they do I bring people with me so I can get everything on my wish list. I have been known to scare the other shoppers and confuse the sales clerks (seriously - one guy was so confused at the register, like he had never seen a Burda pattern before, and the fact that they were on sale really hurt his head).

    Ok, that was a long ramble. Can't you tell how excited I am about working on a man's skating jacket and trying to re-draft the collar using two patterns that don't want to get along? Yeah, not very.