Sunday, April 1, 2012

The day dawns

The tension is in the air. People are uneasy. When will it happen? Who will win?

Election Night Crowd (Wellington, 1931) by William Hall Raine.

All these questions will be answered soon.

Drumroll please. ratatat ratatat ratatat.

The winner of the vintage patterns is: Tanit-Isis! Who I am certain will go on in her sewing career to make lots of dresses with gathered waists. A fellow Canadian.

The winner (?? this is debatable) of the orangey goodness stuff is: Seraphinalina! Another fellow Canadian, hmm, is this fixed people?

The winner of the vintage notions is: Carolyn!  An Australian! I am redeemed, but we did keep it within the Commonwealth.

Seriously though, winners please email me with mailing addresses and I will get the packages in the mail to you. If any of you who didn't win the patterns would like a look at the instructions I can photocopy them and get copies to you as well, you might be able to draft your own versions. So once again email me with addresses, and which or all of the copies of the pattern instructions you would like. My email address is "ellecsews at gmail dot com".

Congratulations to those of you whose randomly assigned number came up and I am sorry not all of you are   getting cool or uncool vintage stuff this time around. I promise there will be more giveaways.