Sunday, March 25, 2012

Woohoo! 16 followers

As of today I have 16 followers! To celebrate I am doing my first giveaway.This has the benefit of making all of you adore me for my kindness and generosity, and the secondary benefit of getting rid of crap, oops I mean decluttering my sewing dungeon. Believe me when I say this won't even make a dent.

First one. Three vintage patterns.  Yes, all three patterns are one giveaway.

Butterick 9309, size 12 bust 32, no date

McCalls 7349, size 14-16, Bust 34-36, dated 1964  

Simplicity 3965 Size 12, Bust 32  

Second one. An assortment of orange stuff. Some of it vintage. In appreciation of Tangerine Tango. 8-) Yes, all this can be inflicted upon you. What orangey goodness!

2 pkgs stretchable hem facing 2 1/2 yards each
2 pkgs stretchable seam binding 3 yards each, just so you know, these are fashionable, the label says so
1 pkg "Tidy Trim" bias tape 5 yards of size 5 ???
1 pkg single fold bias tape 2.75 meters
1 18" Talon nylon coil zipper in apricot
1 7" Lightning zipper in coral
2 5" orange zippers
1 7" orange zipper
1 17" orange zipper

Third one. My Favourite. All vintage or older.

The buttons are from J. C. Penney

1 card (not quite intact) of "Newey's World Famed Hooks & Loops, by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Mary-this is old!  Queen Mary was Queen Elizabeth's grandmother
1 card of British Snap Size 0- War Time Pack
1 card of British Snap Size 00-War Time Pack
3 cards of Penimaid Buttons-I think they are mother of pearl,  4 of the buttons are 3/4", 2 are 5/8"
1 intact card of 12 mother of pearl buttons-La Mode-these are beautiful 1/4" wide 1/2" long, these would be lovely framed for a sewing room.

If you want any or all of these, just leave me a comment what you would like to win. Yes, I will ship anywhere. I will draw names next Sunday, April 1st. April's Fool Day. Seems appropriate somehow.

Good luck!


  1. Oh wow :) Count me in! You've got some very nice vintage patterns there :)

  2. Congrats on your increasing number of followers! Wish you many, many more too!

  3. Love those buttons! I'm a sucker for vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.

  4. OMG ME ME ME! Definitely for the patterns, buttons as second choice. I fear the orange stuff can find a better home than mine---it's a lovely colour. For other people.

    OMG I love those patterns. Especially the cowl-back view of the bottom one. Yes, they break my no-gathered-waists rule. Hush. :)

  5. Oh goodness, what lovely packages! I would love any and all three! Although I'm not sure if I'd actually use any of the patterns, since they're too small for me and I'm not up to drafting a larger size yet. Better that go to someone who'd get more use out of it than me. So sign me up for either of the notions! (TANGERINE!!!)

  6. I have been lusting after Simplicity 3965 which is how I found your blog. Now you are stuck with me. :-) what a great giveaway!

  7. Ack! I would love any of them, but especially the buttons or the vintage notions!

  8. Oh sign me up! My preference is for the patterns, but the other two are great give aways too.

  9. Congrats on the followers! I'm just going to admire your goodies from afar, since I am not a vintage sewist. Loved your clown pants though!

  10. You are so generous! Count me in, please...! Especially those gawg-uss patterns :)
    Did you think the care label was horrible?? I thought it was a scream!

  11. yay! it's so fun to watch follower numbers increase, isn't it?
    I adore the patterns!!

  12. I'd love to win either of the last two, please! :)

    These are great!


  13. Oh my goodness I'd lurve Butterick 96309 please!

  14. Wow such a difficult choice. I love the orange themed notions but I'd have to go with the patterns as a first choice. Congrats on your growing blog. I am follower number 22!

  15. Hello Elle C.

    I would like to win the orange stuff please. I have orange hair and would give them a good home :D

    Caffy aka Bundana

  16. Just catching up on your blog - LOVE the vintage patterns. Though the busts are a wee bit small for this chickie!