Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunshine Award!

Carolyn, who has to be one of the best sewists and bloggers ever, just gave me an award!

I am completely blown away, I have been blogging for what feels like 5 minutes, and I get an award! Thank you very much Carolyn, I feel very honoured by this. I know it isn't like it is an Academy Award or anything, but still. When I started my blog, I really didn't think anyone would ever read it, it still surprises me that I have followers! I just started it to motivate me to sew more, and it has worked.

Anyway, on to the questions.

Favourite Colour: Fuchsia

Favourite Animal: Dogs. Always dogs. We live with four of them and often take care of friends dogs when they go away.
Ricky, father of Jasper

Favourite Number: 3. That is my name in numerology.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Can't have just one. Earl Grey Tea, French Roast Coffee and Pepsi.

Facebook or Twitter: Neither, Pinterest. I find Facebook sometimes a little too much like being in High School. No offense intended to anyone.

My Passion: Dogs, reading and sewing.

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving. There is no better feeling than when you find the perfect gift for someone and they love it.

Favourite Pattern: The last one I looked at. Usually a Marcy Tilton pattern.

Favourite Day of the Week: .A day that my husband and I have off together, there aren't many of these.

Favourite Flower: Old Fashioned Pink Roses, but they have to be fragrant. Lavender is my second favorite.

Favourite celebrity role model:  Katherine Hepburn. She was stylish, smart and lived her life exactly the way she chose. Love her.

My nominees for a Sunshine Award. 

These are the bloggers who I most look forward to hearing from (except of course Carolyn). I would nominate Shams from Communing with Fabric, but she doesn't accept awards. I think she is incredibly talented and everything she sews and writes is inspiring.

Tanit-Isis Sews. I love her even though she makes me feel inadequate. She sews like a dream, has two kids and is working on (I believe) her doctorate. She is also gorgeous and thin. For that alone I should hate her.

Seraphinalina-I love reading about her life. She is inspiring.

Lazysubculturalgirl-She is one of the few people I know who watches the same strange TV shows I do, like Lost Girl, Grimm, and Being Human. She also sews and has purple hair.

Jillybejoyful- Her blog always makes me feel happy and at peace. Her Koos coat is beautiful and amazing.

Beangirl the blog-her random posts just slay me. She is funny funny funny. The only problem with her blog is she doesn't post enough.

Pretty Grievances-I think Anne is the funniest woman I know. She also sews and has dogs. So really that means she is perfect. We may have been separated at birth. Except I am older, and in a different country, and not as funny.

A Fool for Fabric, Margy has the most incredible style ever. I put her travel wardrobe on my Pinterest page as inspiration. One of her jackets was in Marcy Tilton's fashion show at Puyallup! Deservedly so, it is stunning.


  1. Oh how cool is this!!! I get to talk about me- what a wonderful award!! Thank you- I seem to be thanking you alot- and so deservedly. By the by- Sean wants to know if you like mini-golf.....

  2. Even though I am of Scottish descent, no I don't like golf, scotch or curling. Kilts are good though. You are so welcome.

  3. Aww, thank you! I'm so glad you started your blog---they are weirdly motivating, aren't they?

    Also, I watch Lost Girl, Grimm, and Being Human too, you know! ;)

    1. OOPS. But you don't have purple hair.

    2. No, sadly. I did have a blue streak for a couple of years, but it wound up being too high maintenance...

  4. Awww, thanks! What a lovely surprise. Thank you.

  5. Nice to hear all about you!

  6. Thank you for the honor, sweetie!

    I've been utterly occupied elsewhere these past few weeks, & sewing & blogging is taking a back seat, but I'll revisit this delightful award as soon as I feel a bit more caught up.

    In the meantime, Thank You for thinking of me ... I'm all a-grinnin' here :D

  7. Your answers were fabulous!
    Thanks for the quality control reminder, I wrote my post when I was feeling a tad sluggish myself :) I've fixed it up now, hopefully it is a little less clunky