Saturday, March 24, 2012

Clown Pants

Vogue 1096-a wearable muslin, sort of

First of all I have to say I have never sewn a Today's Fit pattern before and I don't think you could find a pattern with better instructions and diagrams. They could not have been clearer. Excellent instructions and suggestions for fit. I have sewn a lot of Vogue and often refer to them as Vague patterns cause the instructions can be so iffy. Not so with Today's Fit.  Sandra Betzina knows her stuff. 

Until I started reading sewing blogs, it never occurred to me to make a muslin for simple clothes, complicated ones, yes. I now realize how helpful it can be for easy or hard garments. For instance:

please trust me when I say I am NOT this large
“pattern+fabric+my measurements=clown pants”

The pattern Vogue Today's Fit OOP 1096 View A, fabric zebra print cotton flannelette, size G, almost exactly my measurements. The result, very very baggy pyjama bottoms. Fortunately I like my at home clothes to be loose, but these are huge, I could easily fit three of my dogs in them with me. They probably wouldn't stay there but you get the point. There is 8 inches of ease in the thigh, WTF?? At first I thought it was my fabric choice that was the culprit, but then I actually read (what a concept!!) the suggested fabrics, “Pants A: Double Knits, Linen, Cotton Twill, Pinwale Corduroy and Hammered Satin.” There really isn't much of a difference in weight and hand between corduroy and flannelette is there? 

It is kind of a shame about the fit of this pattern because there are details I really like about it. I like the waistband, it has an interesting construction, it is something I may use on another pattern that has an elastic waist. It is a two piece waistband, one piece for the front and the larger piece for the sides and back. The elastic is sewn unstretched to the front piece, and then the elastic gathers up the remainder of the waistband. It looks good. The pockets are different and interesting, they are sort of a welt type of pocket, without the lips and they are big pockets, unlike many women's clothes. The drawstrings on the side are a cute detail too, obviously in a heavier fabric they aren't that functional, but made in a fabric that is drapier, it would be a cute detail.

side pocket-don't look too closely-it isn't perfect

casings at bottom of legs

Will I make them again? A definite maybe. Don't you love it when people committ? If I did,  it would be in a size or two or three smaller and in a much drapier fabric. I will check the stash and see if I have anything that might work.


  1. It's a good thing that you can still use them. It will be interesting to see the results of your next pair too.

    1. I made them intending them for wear around the house, so yeah I will wear them, probably to sew, the sewing dungeon can be cold. 8-)

  2. I'm glad you will still wear them, since that fabric is too fabulous to waste! I've heard a few negative reports about the fit of the Today's Fit patterns, so I sure hope they do not phase out the Old Fit system, which fits me really well. wrt vague instructions, have you ever had a look at the translated Burdastyle instructions?? Worth a read, for comparison. Hilariously convoluted at times.

    1. We can't buy Burda magazine where I live, so I only have a couple and they don't have anything that I HAD to make, so no I haven't read the instructions. I will have a look this evening, thanks for the tip, I look forward to a laugh.

  3. Bummer! I still struggle with the concept of how much ease is good! Live a little... learn a little!