Tuesday, March 27, 2012

about a Pinterest board of mine

I have a Pinterest board called sewing details for jeans. It has occurred to me that it might be useful for people other than me to be able to access this board freely and be able to pin on it. If I add you as a contributor the board shows up as if it was your own. Cool, huh?

If you are interested just add a comment on this post with your Pinterest user name (or email me privately at ellecsews at gmail dot com) and I will add your name as a contributor. Could be useful, yes?

So hurry up people email me and then start pinning!


  1. I sent you an email. The number of butt photos here are amusing me mightily, by the way.

    1. what? you don't like looking at bums?

    2. The guys who hang out downtown? Nah, they're not very photogenic. I kid, I kid. I like looking at someone's behind just fine -- but I prefer it to be male and y'know, not covered in clothing.

  2. Cool! I recognize some of these re-pinned from my jeans board. That's need that you can create a collaborative board.